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authorSoumya Koduri <>2018-11-10 05:55:29 -0500
committerAmar Tumballi <>2018-11-17 09:16:13 +0000
commit04be5463b20ababc29942fa967017e763d0ae2af (patch)
tree667ea40f76c951a71202870d2c145e1fbf24fc61 /api
parent818e60ac9269c49396480a151c049042af5b2929 (diff)
gfapi: Send fop_attr dict as part of syncop_open
Leaseid (stored in thread locals) is sent to server via xdata. This dict variable is set but not passed as argument in glfs_h_open(). Fixed the same. Change-Id: Idd2f8a0ec184b4b6b1ad1e6e5d75df551c36a96d updates: bz#1648768 Signed-off-by: Soumya Koduri <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/api/src/glfs-handleops.c b/api/src/glfs-handleops.c
index 7e9f4c5..6a020ca 100644
--- a/api/src/glfs-handleops.c
+++ b/api/src/glfs-handleops.c
@@ -699,7 +699,7 @@ pub_glfs_h_open(struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *object, int flags)
if (ret)
gf_msg_debug("gfapi", 0, "Getting leaseid from thread failed");
- ret = syncop_open(subvol, &loc, flags, glfd->fd, NULL, NULL);
+ ret = syncop_open(subvol, &loc, flags, glfd->fd, fop_attr, NULL);
glfd->fd->flags = flags;