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core/build/various: python3 compat, prepare for python2 -> python3
Note 1) we're not supposed to be using #!/usr/bin/env python, see Note 2) we're also not supposed to be using "!/usr/bin/python, see The previous patch ( tried to do too much in one patch, so it was abandoned. This patch does two things: 1) minor cleanup of configure(.ac) to explicitly use python2 2) change all the shebang lines to #!/usr/bin/python2 and add them where they were missing based on warnings emitted during rpmbuild. In a follow-up patch python2 will eventually be changed to python3. Before that python2-isms (e.g. print, string.join(), etc.) need to be converted to python3. Some of those can be rewritten in version agnostic python. E.g. print statements become print() with "from __future_ import print_function". The python 2to3 utility will be used for some of those. Also Aravinda has given guidance in the comments to the first patch for changes. updates: #411 Change-Id: I471730962b2526022115a1fc33629fb078b74338 Signed-off-by: Kaleb S. KEITHLEY <>
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