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doc: add work-in-progress release-notes for 3.9.0v3.9rc1
BUG: 1350744 Change-Id: Ide35a8a786bd8f69a93c788ebcec5b9db4829e3f Signed-off-by: Pranith Kumar K <> Reviewed-on: CentOS-regression: Gluster Build System <> NetBSD-regression: NetBSD Build System <> Reviewed-by: Niels de Vos <> Smoke: Gluster Build System <>
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+# Work in progress release notes for Gluster 3.9.0 (RC1)
+These are the current release notes for Release Condidate 1. Follow up changes
+will add more user friendly notes and instructions.
+The release-notes are being worked on by maintainers and the developers of the
+different features. Assistance of others is welcome! Contributions can be done
+in [this etherpad](
+(FIXME: insert useful release notes here)
+## Bugs addressed
+A total of 510 (FIXME) patches has been sent, addressing 375 (FIXME) bugs:
+- [#762184]( Support mandatory locking in glusterfs
+- [#789278]( Issues reported by Coverity static analysis tool
+- [#1005257]( [PATCH] Small typo fixes
+- [#1175711]( posix: Set correct d_type for readdirp() calls
+- [#1193929]( GlusterFS can be improved
+- [#1198849]( Minor improvements and cleanup for the build system
+- [#1200914]( pathinfo is wrong for striped replicated volumes
+- [#1202274]( Minor improvements and code cleanup for libgfapi
+- [#1207604]( [rfe] glusterfs snapshot cli commands should provide xml output.
+- [#1211863]( RFE: Support in md-cache to use upcall notifications to invalidate its cache
+- [#1221623]( glusterd: add brick command should re-use the port for listening which is freed by remove-brick.
+- [#1222915]( usage text is wrong for use-readdirp mount default
+- [#1223937]( Outdated autotools helper config.* files
+- [#1225718]( [FEAT] DHT - rebalance - rebalance status o/p should be different for 'fix-layout' option, it should not show 'Rebalanced-files' , 'Size', 'Scanned' etc as it is not migrating any files.
+- [#1227667]( Minor improvements and code cleanup for protocol server/client
+- [#1228142]( clang-analyzer: adding clang static analysis support
+- [#1231224]( Misleading error messages on brick logs while creating directory (mkdir) on fuse mount
+- [#1236009]( do an explicit lookup on the inodes linked in readdirp
+- [#1254067]( remove unused variables
+- [#1266876]( cluster/afr: AFR2 returns empty readdir results to clients if brick is added back into cluster after re-imaging/formatting
+- [#1278325]( DHT: Once remove brick start failed in between Remove brick commit should not be allowed
+- [#1285152]( store afr pending xattrs as a volume option
+- [#1292020]( quota: client gets IO error instead of disk quota exceed when the limit is exceeded
+- [#1294813]( [geo-rep]: Multiple geo-rep session to the same slave is allowed for different users
+- [#1296043]( Wrong usage of dict functions
+- [#1302277]( Wrong XML output for Volume Options
+- [#1302948]( tar complains: <fileName>: file changed as we read it
+- [#1303668]( packaging: rpmlint warning and errors - Documentation URL 404
+- [#1305031]( AFR winds a few reads of a file in metadata split-brain.
+- [#1306398]( Tiering and AFR may result in data loss
+- [#1311002]( NFS+attach tier:IOs hang while attach tier is issued
+- [#1311926]( [georep]: If a georep session is recreated the existing files which are deleted from slave doesn't get sync again from master
+- [#1315666]( Data Tiering:tier volume status shows as in-progress on all nodes of a cluster even if the node is not part of volume
+- [#1316178]( changelog/rpc: Memory leak- rpc_clnt_t object is never freed
+- [#1316389]( georep: tests for logrotate, create+rename and hard-link rename
+- [#1318204]( Input / Output when chmoding files on NFS mount point
+- [#1318289]( [RFE] Add arbiter brick hotplug
+- [#1318591]( Glusterd not operational due to snapshot conflicting with nfs-ganesha export file in "/var/lib/glusterd/snaps"
+- [#1319992]( RFE: Lease support for gluster
+- [#1320388]( [GSS]-gluster v heal volname info does not work with enabled ssl/tls
+- [#1321836]( gluster volume info --xml returns 0 for nonexistent volume
+- [#1322214]( [HC] Add disk in a Hyper-converged environment fails when glusterfs is running in directIO mode
+- [#1322805]( [scale] Brick process does not start after node reboot
+- [#1322825]( IO-stats, client profile is overwritten when it is on the same node as bricks
+- [#1324439]( SAMBA+TIER : Wrong message display.On detach tier success the message reflects Tier command failed.
+- [#1325831]( gluster snap status xml output shows incorrect details when the snapshots are in deactivated state
+- [#1326410]( /var/lib/glusterd/$few-directories not owned by any package, causing it to remain after glusterfs-server is uninstalled
+- [#1327171]( Disperse: Provide description of disperse.eager-lock option.
+- [#1328224]( RFE : Feature: Automagic unsplit-brain policies for AFR
+- [#1329211]( values for Number of Scrubbed files, Number of Unsigned files, Last completed scrub time and Duration of last scrub are shown as zeros in bit rot scrub status
+- [#1330032]( rm -rf to a dir gives directory not empty(ENOTEMPTY) error
+- [#1330097]( ganesha exported volumes doesn't get synced up on shutdown node when it comes up.
+- [#1330583]( glusterfs-libs postun ldconfig: relative path `1' used to build cache
+- [#1331254]( Disperse volume fails on high load and logs show some assertion failures
+- [#1331287]( No xml output on gluster volume heal info command with --xml
+- [#1331323]( [Granular entry sh] - Implement renaming of indices in index translator
+- [#1331423]( distaf: Add io_libs to namespace package list
+- [#1331720]( implement meta-lock/unlock for lock migration
+- [#1331721]( distaf: Add README and HOWTO to distaflibs as well
+- [#1331860]( Wrong constant used in length based comparison for XATTR_SECURITY_PREFIX
+- [#1331969]( Ganesha+Tiering: Continuous "0-glfs_h_poll_cache_invalidation: invalid argument" messages getting logged in ganesha-gfapi logs.
+- [#1332020]( multiple regression failures for tests/basic/quota-ancestry-building.t
+- [#1332021]( multiple failures for testcase: tests/basic/inode-quota-enforcing.t
+- [#1332054]( multiple failures of tests/bugs/disperse/bug-1236065.t
+- [#1332073]( EINVAL errors while aggregating the directory size by quotad
+- [#1332134]( bitrot: Build generates Compilation Warning.
+- [#1332136]( Detach tier fire before the background fixlayout is complete may result in failure
+- [#1332156]( SMB:while running I/O on cifs mount and doing graph switch causes cifs mount to hang.
+- [#1332219]( tier: avoid pthread_join if pthread_create fails
+- [#1332413]( Wrong op-version for mandatory-locks volume set option
+- [#1332419]( geo-rep: address potential leak of memory
+- [#1332460]( [features/worm] - when disabled, worm xl should simply pass requested fops to its child xl
+- [#1332465]( glusterd + bitrot : Creating clone of snapshot. error "xlator.c:148:xlator_volopt_dynload] 0-xlator: /usr/lib64/glusterfs/3.7.9/xlator/features/ cannot open shared object file:
+- [#1332473]( tests: 'tests/bitrot/br-state-check.t' fails in netbsd
+- [#1332501]( Mandatory locks are not migrated during lock migration
+- [#1332566]( [granular entry sh] - Add more tests
+- [#1332798]( [AFR]: "volume heal info" command is failing during in-service upgrade to latest.
+- [#1332822]( distaf: Add library functions for gluster snapshot operations
+- [#1332885]( distaf: Add library functions for gluster bitrot operations and generic library utility functions generic to all components
+- [#1332952]( distaf: Add library functions for gluster quota operations
+- [#1332994]( Self Heal fails on a replica3 volume with 'disk quota exceeded'
+- [#1333023]( readdir-ahead does not fetch xattrs that md-cache needs in it's internal calls
+- [#1333043]( Fix excessive logging due to NULL dict in dht
+- [#1333263]( [features/worm] Unwind FOPs with op_errno and add gf_worm prefix to functions
+- [#1333317]( rpc_clnt will sometimes not reconnect when using encryption
+- [#1333319]( Unexporting a volume sometimes fails with "Dynamic export addition/deletion failed".
+- [#1333370]( [FEAT] jbr-server handle lock/unlock fops
+- [#1333738]( distaf: Add GlusterBaseClass ( to distaflibs-gluster.
+- [#1333912]( client ID should logged when SSL connection fails
+- [#1333925]( libglusterfs: race conditions and illegal mem access in timer
+- [#1334044]( [RFE] Eventing for Gluster
+- [#1334164]( Worker dies with [Errno 5] Input/output error upon creation of entries at slave
+- [#1334208]( distaf: Add library functions for gluster rebalance operations
+- [#1334269]( GlusterFS 3.8 fails to build in the CentOS Community Build System
+- [#1334270]( glusterd: glusterd provides stale port information when a volume is recreated with same brick path
+- [#1334285]( Under high read load, sometimes the message "XDR decoding failed" appears in the logs and read fails
+- [#1334314]( changelog: changelog_rollover breaks when number of fds opened is more than 1024
+- [#1334444]( SAMBA-VSS : Permission denied issue while restoring the directory from windows client 1 when files are deleted from windows client 2
+- [#1334620]( stop all gluster processes should also include glusterfs mount process
+- [#1334621]( set errno in case of inode_link failures
+- [#1334721]( distaf: Add library functions for gluster tiering operations
+- [#1334839]( [Tiering]: Files remain in hot tier even after detach tier completes
+- [#1335019]( Add graph for decompounder xlator
+- [#1335091]( mount/fuse: Logging improvements
+- [#1335231]( features/locks: clang compile warning in posix.c
+- [#1335232]( features/index: clang compile warnings in index.c
+- [#1335429]( Self heal shows different information for the same volume from each node
+- [#1335494]( Modifying peer ops library
+- [#1335531]( Modified volume options are not syncing once glusterd comes up.
+- [#1335652]( Heal info shows split-brain for .shard directory though only one brick was down
+- [#1335717]( PREFIX is not honoured during build and install
+- [#1335776]( rpc: change client insecure port ceiling from 65535 to 49151
+- [#1335818]( Revert "features/shard: Make o-direct writes work with sharding:"
+- [#1335858]( Files present in the .shard folder even after deleting all the vms from the UI
+- [#1335973]( [Tiering]: The message 'Max cycle time reached..exiting migration' incorrectly displayed as an 'error' in the logs
+- [#1336197]( failover is not working with latest builds.
+- [#1336328]( [FEAT] jbr: Improve code modularity
+- [#1336354]( Provide a way to configure gluster source location in devel-vagrant
+- [#1336373]( Distaf: Add gluster specific config file
+- [#1336381]( ENOTCONN error during parallel rmdir
+- [#1336508]( rpc-transport: compiler warning format string
+- [#1336612]( one of vm goes to paused state when network goes down and comes up back
+- [#1336630]( ERROR and Warning message on writing a file from mount point "null gfid for path (null)" repeated 3 times between"
+- [#1336642]( [RFE] git-branch-diff: wrapper script for git to visualize backports
+- [#1336698]( DHT : few Files are not accessible and not listed on mount + more than one Directory have same gfid + (sometimes) attributes has ?? in ls output after renaming Directories from multiple client at same time
+- [#1336793]( assorted typos and spelling mistakes from Debian lintian
+- [#1336818]( Add ability to set oom_score_adj for glusterfs process
+- [#1336853]( scripts: bash-isms in scripts
+- [#1336945]( [NFS-Ganesha] : stonith-enabled option not set with new versions of cman,pacemaker,corosync and pcs
+- [#1337160]( distaf: Added libraries to setup nfs-ganesha in gluster through distaf
+- [#1337227]( [tiering]: error message shown during the failure of detach tier commit isn't intuitive
+- [#1337405]( Some of VMs go to paused state when there is concurrent I/O on vms
+- [#1337473]( upgrade path when slave volume uuid used in geo-rep session
+- [#1337597]( Mounting a volume over NFS with a subdir followed by a / returns "Invalid argument"
+- [#1337650]( log flooded with Could not map name=xxxx to a UUID when config'd with long hostnames
+- [#1337777]( tests/bugs/write-behind/1279730.t fails spuriously
+- [#1337791]( tests/basic/afr/tarissue.t fails regression
+- [#1337899]( Misleading error message on rebalance start when one of the glusterd instance is down
+- [#1338544]( fuse: In fuse_first_lookup(), dict is not un-referenced in case create_frame returns an empty pointer.
+- [#1338634]( AFR : fuse,nfs mount hangs when directories with same names are created and deleted continuously
+- [#1338733]( __inode_ctx_put: fix mem leak on failure
+- [#1338967]( common-ha: ganesha.nfsd not put into NFS-GRACE after fail-back
+- [#1338991]( DHT2: Tracker bug
+- [#1339071]( dht/rebalance: mark hardlink migration failure as skipped for rebalance process
+- [#1339149]( Error and warning messages related to xlator/features/ adding up to the client log on performing IO operations
+- [#1339166]( distaf: Added timeout value to wait for rebalance to complete and removed older rebalance library file
+- [#1339181]( Full heal of a sub-directory does not clean up name-indices when granular-entry-heal is enabled.
+- [#1339214]( gfapi: set mem_acct for the variables created for upcall
+- [#1339471]( [geo-rep]: Worker died with [Errno 2] No such file or directory
+- [#1339472]( [geo-rep]: Monitor crashed with [Errno 3] No such process
+- [#1339541]( Added libraries to setup CTDB in gluster through distaf
+- [#1339553]( gfapi: in case of handle based APIs, close glfd after successful create
+- [#1339689]( RFE - capacity info (df -h on a mount) is incorrect for a tiered volume
+- [#1340488]( does not have a correct shebang
+- [#1340623]( Directory creation(mkdir) fails when the remove brick is initiated for replicated volumes accessing via nfs-ganesha
+- [#1340853]( [geo-rep]: If the session is renamed, geo-rep configuration are not retained
+- [#1340936]( Automount fails because /sbin/mount.glusterfs does not accept the -s option
+- [#1341007]( gfapi : throwing warning message for unused variable in glfs_h_find_handle()
+- [#1341009]( Log parameters such as the gfid, fd address, offset and length of the reads upon failure for easier debugging
+- [#1341294]( build: RHEL7 unpackaged files /var/lib/glusterd/hooks/.../S57glusterfind-delete-post.{pyc,pyo}
+- [#1341474]( [geo-rep]: Snapshot creation having geo-rep session is broken
+- [#1341650]( conservative merge happening on a x3 volume for a deleted file
+- [#1341768]( After setting up ganesha on RHEL 6, nodes remains in stopped state and grace related failures observed in pcs status
+- [#1341796]( [quota+snapshot]: Directories are inaccessible from activated snapshot, when the snapshot was created during directory creation
+- [#1342171]( O_DIRECT support for sharding
+- [#1342259]( [features/worm] - write FOP should pass for the normal files
+- [#1342298]( reading file with size less than 512 fails with odirect read
+- [#1342356]( [RFE] Python library for creating Cluster aware CLI tools for Gluster
+- [#1342420]( [georep]: Stopping volume fails if it has geo-rep session (Even in stopped state)
+- [#1342796]( self heal deamon killed due to oom kills on a dist-disperse volume using nfs ganesha
+- [#1342979]( [geo-rep]: Add-Brick use case: create push-pem force on existing geo-rep fails
+- [#1343038]( IO ERROR when multiple graph switches
+- [#1343286]( enabling glusternfs with nfs.rpc-auth-allow to many hosts failed
+- [#1343333]( [RFE] Simplify Non Root Geo-replication Setup
+- [#1343374]( Gluster fuse client crashed generating core dump
+- [#1343838]( Implement API to get page aligned iobufs in iobuf.c
+- [#1343906]( [Stress/Scale] : I/O errors out from gNFS mount points during high load on an erasure coded volume,Logs flooded with Error messages.
+- [#1343943]( Old documentation link in log during Geo-rep MISCONFIGURATION
+- [#1344277]( [disperse] mkdir after re balance give Input/Output Error
+- [#1344340]( Unsafe access to inode->fd_list
+- [#1344396]( fd leak in disperse
+- [#1344407]( fail delete volume operation if one of the glusterd instance is down in cluster
+- [#1344686]( tiering : Multiple brick processes crashed on tiered volume while taking snapshots
+- [#1344714]( removal of file from nfs mount crashs ganesha server
+- [#1344836]( [Disperse volume]: IO hang seen on mount with file ops
+- [#1344885]( inode leak in brick process
+- [#1345727]( Bricks are starting when server quorum not met.
+- [#1345744]( [geo-rep]: Worker crashed with "KeyError: "
+- [#1345748]( SAMBA-DHT : Crash seen while rename operations in cifs mount and windows access of share mount
+- [#1345846]( quota : rectify quota-deem-statfs default value in gluster v set help command
+- [#1345855]( Possible crash due to a timer cancellation race
+- [#1346138]( [RFE] Non root Geo-replication Error logs improvements
+- [#1346211]( cleanup glusterd-georep code
+- [#1346551]( wrong understanding of function's parameter
+- [#1346719]( [Disperse] dd + rm + ls lead to IO hang
+- [#1346821]( cli core dumped while providing/not wrong values during arbiter replica volume
+- [#1347249]( libgfapi : variables allocated by glfs_set_volfile_server is not freed
+- [#1347354]( glusterd: SuSE build system error for incorrect strcat, strncat usage
+- [#1347686]( IO error seen with Rolling or non-disruptive upgrade of an distribute-disperse(EC) volume from 3.7.5 to 3.7.9
+- [#1348897]( Add relative path validation for gluster copy file utility
+- [#1348904]( [geo-rep]: If the data is copied from .snaps directory to the master, it doesn't get sync to slave [First Copy]
+- [#1348944]( Change the glusterd log file name to glusterd.log
+- [#1349270]( ganesha.enable remains on in volume info file even after we disable nfs-ganesha on the cluster.
+- [#1349273]( Geo-rep silently ignores config parser errors
+- [#1349276]( Buffer overflow when attempting to create filesystem using libgfapi as driver on OpenStack
+- [#1349284]( [tiering]: Files of size greater than that of high watermark level should not be promoted
+- [#1349398]( nfs-ganesha disable doesn't delete nfs-ganesha folder from /var/run/gluster/shared_storage
+- [#1349657]( process glusterd set TCP_USER_TIMEOUT failed
+- [#1349709]( Polling failure errors getting when volume is started&stopped with SSL enabled setup.
+- [#1349723]( Added libraries to get server_brick dictionaries
+- [#1350017]( Change distaf glusterbase class and mount according to the config file changes
+- [#1350168]( distaf: made changes to create_volume function
+- [#1350173]( distaf: Adding samba_ops library
+- [#1350188]( distaf: minor import changes in
+- [#1350191]( race condition when set ctx->timer in function gf_timer_registry_init
+- [#1350237]( Gluster/NFS does not accept dashes in hostnames in exports/netgroups files
+- [#1350245]( distaf: Add library functions for gluster volume operations
+- [#1350248]( distaf: Modified get_pathinfo function in
+- [#1350256]( Distaf: Modifying the ctdb_libs to get server host from the server dict
+- [#1350258]( Distaf: add a sample test case to the framework
+- [#1350327]( Protocol client not mounting volumes running on older versions.
+- [#1350371]( ganesha/glusterd : remove 'HA_VOL_SERVER' from ganesha-ha.conf
+- [#1350383]( distaf: Modified distaf gluster config file
+- [#1350427]( distaf: Modified tier_attach() to get bricks path for attaching tier from the available bricks in server
+- [#1350793]( build: remove absolute paths from glusterfs spec file
+- [#1350867]( RFE: FEATURE: Lock revocation for features/locks xlator
+- [#1351021]( [DHT]: Rebalance info for remove brick operation is not showing after glusterd restart
+- [#1351071]( [geo-rep] Stopped geo-rep session gets started automatically once all the master nodes are upgraded
+- [#1351134]( [SSL] : gluster v set help does not show ssl options
+- [#1351537]( [Bitrot] Need a way to set scrub interval to a minute, for ease of testing
+- [#1351880]( gluster volume status <volume> client" isn't showing any information when one of the nodes in a 3-way Distributed-Replicate volume is shut down
+- [#1352019]( RFE: Move throttling code to libglusterfs from bitrot
+- [#1352277]( a two node glusterfs seems not possible anymore?!
+- [#1352279]( [scale]: Bricks not started after node reboot.
+- [#1352423]( should find_library("c") be used instead of find_library("libc") in geo-replication/syncdaemon/
+- [#1352634]( qemu libgfapi clients hang when doing I/O
+- [#1352671]( RFE: As a part of xattr invalidation, send the stat info as well
+- [#1352854]( GlusterFS - Memory Leak - High Memory Utilization
+- [#1352871]( [Bitrot]: Scrub status- Certain fields continue to show previous run's details, even if the current run is in progress
+- [#1353156]( [RFE] CLI to get local state representation for a cluster
+- [#1354141]( several problems found in failure handle logic
+- [#1354221]( noisy compilation warnning with Wstrict-prototypes
+- [#1354372]( Fix timing issue in tests/bugs/glusterd/bug-963541.t
+- [#1354439]( nfs client I/O stuck post IP failover
+- [#1354489]( service file is executable
+- [#1355604]( afr coverity fixes
+- [#1355628]( Upgrade from 3.7.8 to 3.8.1 doesn't regenerate the volfiles
+- [#1355706]( [Bitrot]: Sticky bit files considered and skipped by the scrubber, instead of getting ignored.
+- [#1355956]( RFE : move ganesha related configuration into shared storage
+- [#1356032]( quota: correct spelling mistakes in quota src files
+- [#1356068]( observing " Too many levels of symbolic links" after adding bricks and then issuing a replace brick
+- [#1356504]( Move gf_log->gf_msg in index feature
+- [#1356508]( [RFE] Handle errors during SSH key generation(gsec_create)
+- [#1356528]( memory leak in glusterd-georeplication
+- [#1356851]( [Bitrot+Sharding] Scrub status shows incorrect values for 'files scrubbed' and 'files skipped'
+- [#1356868]( File not found errors during rpmbuild: /var/lib/glusterd/hooks/1/delete/post/{c,o}
+- [#1356888]( Correct code in socket.c to avoid fd leak
+- [#1356998]( syscalls: readdir_r() is deprecated in newer glibc
+- [#1357210]( add several fops support in io-threads
+- [#1357226]( add a basis function to reduce verbose code
+- [#1357397]( Trash translator fails to create 'internal_op' directory under already existing trash directory
+- [#1357463]( Error: quota context not set inode (gfid:nnn) [Invalid argument]
+- [#1357490]( libglusterfs : update correct memory segments in glfs-message-id
+- [#1357821]( Make install fails second time without uninstall
+- [#1358114]( tests: ./tests/bitrot/br-stub.t fails intermittently
+- [#1358195]( Fix spurious failure of tests/bugs/glusterd/bug-1111041.t
+- [#1358196]( Tiering related core observed with "uuid_is_null () message".
+- [#1358244]( [SNAPSHOT]: The PID for snapd is displayed even after snapd process is killed.
+- [#1358594]( Enable gfapi test cases in Gluster upstream regression
+- [#1358608]( Memory leak observed with upcall polling
+- [#1358671]( Add Events for Volume Set and Reset
+- [#1358922]( missunderstanding about GF_PROTOCOL_DICT_SERIALIZE
+- [#1358936]( coverity: iobuf_get_page_aligned calling iobuf_get2 should check the return pointer
+- [#1358944]( jbr resource leak, forget free "path"
+- [#1358976]( Fix spurious failures in split-brain-favorite-child-policy.t
+- [#1359001]( Fix spurious failures in ec.t
+- [#1359190]( Glusterd crashes upon receiving SIGUSR1
+- [#1359370]( glfs: fix glfs_set_volfile_server doc
+- [#1359711]( [GSS] Rebalance crashed
+- [#1359717]( Fix failure of ./tests/bugs/snapshot/bug-1316437.t
+- [#1360169]( Fix bugs in compound fops framework
+- [#1360401]( RFE: support multiple bricks within one process
+- [#1360402]( Clients can starve under heavy load
+- [#1360647]( gfapi: deprecate the rdma support for management connections
+- [#1360670]( Add output option `--xml` to man page of gluster
+- [#1360679]( Bricks doesn't come online after reboot [ Brick Full ]
+- [#1360682]( tests: ./tests/bitrot/bug-1244613.t fails intermittently
+- [#1360693]( [RFE] Add a count of snapshots associated with a volume to the output of the vol info command
+- [#1360809]( [RFE] Capture events in GlusterD
+- [#1361094]( Auto generate header files during Make
+- [#1361249]( posix: leverage FALLOC_FL_ZERO_RANGE in zerofill fop
+- [#1361300]( Direct io to sharded files fails when on zfs backend
+- [#1361678]( thread CPU saturation limiting throughput on write workloads
+- [#1361983]( Move USE_EVENTS in gf_events API
+- [#1361999]( Remove ganesha xlator code from gluster code base
+- [#1362144]( Python library to send Events
+- [#1362151]( [libgfchangelog]: If changelogs are not available for the requested time range, no proper error message
+- [#1362397]( Mem leak in meta_default_readv in meta xlators
+- [#1362520]( Per xlator logging not working
+- [#1362602]( [Open SSL] : Unable to mount an SSL enabled volume via SMB v3/Ganesha v4
+- [#1363591]( Geo-replication user driven Events
+- [#1363721]( [HC]: After bringing down and up of the bricks VM's are getting paused
+- [#1363948]( Spurious failure in tests/bugs/glusterd/bug-1089668.t
+- [#1364026]( glfs_fini() crashes with SIGSEGV
+- [#1364420]( [RFE] History Crawl performance improvement
+- [#1364449]( posix: honour fsync flags in posix_do_zerofill
+- [#1365455]( [AFR]: Files not available in the mount point after converting Distributed volume type to Replicated one.
+- [#1365489]( glfs_truncate missing
+- [#1365506]( gfapi: use const qualifier for glfs_*timens()
+- [#1366195]( [Bitrot - RFE]: On demand scrubbing option to scrub
+- [#1366222]( "heal info --xml" not showing the brick name of offline bricks.
+- [#1366226]( Move alloca0 definition to common-utils
+- [#1366284]( fix bug in protocol/client lookup callback
+- [#1367258]( Log EEXIST errors at DEBUG level
+- [#1367478]( Second gluster volume is offline after daemon restart or server reboot
+- [#1367527]( core: use <sys/sysmacros.h> for makedev(3), major(3), minor(3)
+- [#1367665]( rotated FUSE mount log is using to populate the information after log rotate.
+- [#1367771]( Introduce graceful mode in
+- [#1367774]( Support for Client side Events
+- [#1367815]( [Bitrot - RFE]: Bitrot Events
+- [#1368042]( make fails if Events APIs are disabled
+- [#1368349]( tests/bugs/cli/bug-1320388.t: Infrequent failures
+- [#1368451]( [RFE] Implement multi threaded self-heal for ec volumes
+- [#1368842]( Applications not calling glfs_h_poll_upcall() have upcall events cached for no use
+- [#1368882]( log level set in glfs_set_logging() does not work
+- [#1368931]( [ RFE] Quota Events
+- [#1368953]( spurious netbsd run failures in tests/basic/glusterd/volfile_server_switch.t
+- [#1369124]( fix unused variable warnings from out-of-tree builds generate XDR headers and source files i...
+- [#1369331]( Memory leak with a replica 3 arbiter 1 configuration
+- [#1369401]( NetBSD hangs at /tests/features/lock_revocation.t
+- [#1369430]( Track the client that performed readdirp
+- [#1369432]( IATT cache invalidation should be sent when permission changes on file
+- [#1369524]( segment fault while join thread reaper_thr in fini()
+- [#1369530]( protocol/server: readlink rsp xdr failed while readlink got an error
+- [#1369638]( DHT stale layout issue will be seen often with md-cache prolonged cache of lookups
+- [#1369721]( EventApis will not work if compiled using ./configure --disable-glupy
+- [#1370053]( fix EXPECT_WITHIN
+- [#1370074]( Fix mistakes in self-heald.t
+- [#1370406]( build: eventtypes.h is missing
+- [#1370445]( Geo-replication server side events
+- [#1370862]( dht: fix the broken build
+- [#1371541]( Spurious regressions in ./tests/bugs/gfapi/bug-1093594.t
+- [#1371543]( Add cache invalidation stat in profile info
+- [#1371775]( `gluster system:: uuid get` hangs
+- [#1372278]( [RFE] Provide snapshot events for the new eventing framework
+- [#1372586]( Fix the test case
+- [#1372686]( [RFE]Reducing number of network round trips
+- [#1373529]( Node remains in stopped state in pcs status with "/usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/heartbeat/ganesha_mon: line 137: [: too many arguments ]" messages in logs.
+- [#1373735]( Event pushed even if Answer is No in the Volume Stop and Delete prompt
+- [#1373740]( [RFE]: events from protocol server
+- [#1373743]( [RFE]: AFR events
+- [#1374153]( [RFE] History Crawl performance improvement
+- [#1374167]( disperse: Integrate important events with events framework
+- [#1374278]( rpc/xdr: generated files are filtered with a sed extended regex
+- [#1374298]( "gluster vol status all clients --xml" doesn't generate xml if there is a failure in between
+- [#1374324]( [RFE] Tier Events
+- [#1374567]( [Bitrot]: Recovery fails of a corrupted hardlink (and the corresponding parent file) in a disperse volume
+- [#1374581]( Geo-rep worker Faulty with OSError: [Errno 21] Is a directory
+- [#1374597]( [geo-rep]: AttributeError: 'Popen' object has no attribute 'elines'
+- [#1374608]( geo-replication *changes.log does not respect the log-level configured
+- [#1374626]( Worker crashes with EINVAL errors
+- [#1374630]( [geo-replication]: geo-rep Status is not showing bricks from one of the nodes
+- [#1374639]( glusterfs: create a directory with 0464 mode return EIO error
+- [#1374649]( Support for rc.d and init for Service management
+- [#1374841]( Implement SIMD support on EC
+- [#1375042]( bug-963541.t spurious failure
+- [#1375537]( gf_event python fails with ImportError
+- [#1375543]( [geo-rep]: defunct tar process while using tar+ssh sync
+- [#1375570]( Detach tier commit is allowed when detach tier start goes into failed state
+- [#1375914]( posix: Integrate important events with events framework
+- [#1376331]( Rpm installation fails with conflicts error for eventsconfig.json file
+- [#1376396]( /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.KPCugR: line 2: /bin/systemctl: No such file or directory
+- [#1376477]( [RFE] DHT Events
+- [#1376874]( RFE : move ganesha related configuration into shared storage
+- [#1377288]( The GlusterFS Callback RPC-calls always use RPC/XID 42