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**Snapshot creation**
Syntax :
-*gluster snapshot create <snapname\> <volname\(s\)\> \[description <description\>\] \[force\]*
+*gluster snapshot create <snapname\> <volname\> \[no-timestamp] \[description <description\>\] \[force\]*
Details :
Creates a snapshot of a GlusterFS volume. User can provide a snap-name and a
description to identify the snap. The description cannot be more than 1024
+Snapshot will be created by appending timestamp with user provided snap name.
+User can override this behaviour by giving no-timestamp flag.
NOTE : To be able to take a snapshot, volume should be present and it
should be in started state.
+**Snapshot clone**
+Syntax :
+*gluster snapshot clone <clonename\> <snapname\>*
+Details :
+Creates a clone of a snapshot. Upon successful completion, a new GlusterFS
+volume will be created from snapshot. The clone will be a space efficient clone,
+i.e, the snapshot and the clone will share the backend disk.
+NOTE : To be able to take a clone from snapshot, snapshot should be present
+and it should be in activated state.
**Restoring snaps**
Syntax :