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doc: update work-in-progress release-notes for 3.8.0 RC2v3.8rc2
Added bugs addressed since RC1. Included a note about building from the 'make dist' tarball. BUG: 1317278 Change-Id: Icc28f12cdbac496ac7b0bf2404ad731be98306c0 Signed-off-by: Niels de Vos <>
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-# Work in progress release notes for Gluster 3.8.0 (RC1)
+# Work in progress release notes for Gluster 3.8.0 (RC2)
-These are the current release notes for Release Candidate 1. Follow up changes
+These are the current release notes for Release Candidate 2. Follow up changes
will add more user friendly notes and instructions.
The release-notes are being worked on by maintainers and the developers of the
different features. Assistance of others is welcome! Contributions can be done
in [this etherpad](
-(FIXME: insert useful release notes here)
+### Changes to building from the release tarball
+By default the release tarballs contain some of the scripts from the GNU
+autotools projects. These scripts are used for detecting the environment where
+the software is built. This includes operating system, architecture and more.
+Bundling these scripts in the tarball makes it mandatory for some distributions
+to replace them with more updated versions. The scripts are included from the
+host operating system where the tarball is generated. If this is an older
+operating system (like RHEL/CentOS-6), the scripts are not current enough for
+some build targets.
+Many distributions have the habit to replace the included `config.guess` and
+`config.sub` scripts. The intention of our release tarball is to not include
+the script at all, however that breaks some builds. We have now replaced these
+scripts with dummy ones, and expect the build environment to replace the
+scripts, or run `./configure` with the appropriate `--host=..` and `--build=..`
+Building directly from the git repository has not changed.
+### FIXME: insert more useful release notes here
## Bugs addressed
@@ -1052,6 +1074,7 @@ A total of 1685 (FIXME) patches has been sent, addressing 1154 (FIXME) bugs:
- [#1316499]( volume set on user.* domain trims all white spaces in the value
- [#1316819]( Errors seen in cli.log, while executing the command 'gluster snapshot info --xml'
- [#1316848]( Peers goes to rejected state after reboot of one node when quota is enabled on cloned volume.
+- [#1317278]( GlusterFS 3.8.0 tracker
- [#1317361]( Do not succeed mkdir without gfid-req
- [#1317424]( nfs-ganesha server do not enter grace period during failover/failback
- [#1317785]( Cache swift xattrs
@@ -1127,7 +1150,7 @@ A total of 1685 (FIXME) patches has been sent, addressing 1154 (FIXME) bugs:
- [#1330476]( libgfapi:Setting need_lookup on wrong list
- [#1330481]( glusterd restart is failing if volume brick is down due to underlying FS crash.
- [#1330567]( SAMBA+TIER : File size is not getting updated when created on windows samba share mount
-- [#1330583]( glusterfs-libs postun ldconfig: relative path `1' used to build cache
+- [#1330583]( glusterfs-libs postun ldconfig: relative path '1' used to build cache
- [#1330616]( Minor improvements and code cleanup for libglusterfs
- [#1330974]( Swap order of GF_EVENT_SOME_CHILD_DOWN enum to match the release3.-7 branch
- [#1331042]( glusterfsd: return actual exit status on mount process
@@ -1144,6 +1167,7 @@ A total of 1685 (FIXME) patches has been sent, addressing 1154 (FIXME) bugs:
- [#1332414]( protocol/server: address double free's
- [#1332788]( Wrong op-version for mandatory-locks volume set option
- [#1332789]( quota: client gets IO error instead of disk quota exceed when the limit is exceeded
+- [#1332839]( values for Number of Scrubbed files, Number of Unsigned files, Last completed scrub time and Duration of last scrub are shown as zeros in bit rot scrub status
- [#1332845]( Disperse volume fails on high load and logs show some assertion failures
- [#1332864]( glusterd + bitrot : Creating clone of snapshot. error "xlator.c:148:xlator_volopt_dynload] 0-xlator: /usr/lib64/glusterfs/3.7.9/xlator/features/ cannot open shared object file:
- [#1333243]( [AFR]: "volume heal info" command is failing during in-service upgrade to latest.
@@ -1157,12 +1181,46 @@ A total of 1685 (FIXME) patches has been sent, addressing 1154 (FIXME) bugs:
- [#1334287]( Under high read load, sometimes the message "XDR decoding failed" appears in the logs and read fails
- [#1334443]( SAMBA-VSS : Permission denied issue while restoring the directory from windows client 1 when files are deleted from windows client 2
- [#1334699]( readdir-ahead does not fetch xattrs that md-cache needs in it's internal calls
+- [#1334836]( [features/worm] - when disabled, worm xl should simply pass requested fops to its child xl
- [#1334994]( Fix the message ids in Client
- [#1335017]( set errno in case of inode_link failures
- [#1335282]( Wrong constant used in length based comparison for XATTR_SECURITY_PREFIX
- [#1335283]( Self Heal fails on a replica3 volume with 'disk quota exceeded'
+- [#1335284]( [HC] Add disk in a Hyper-converged environment fails when glusterfs is running in directIO mode
- [#1335285]( tar complains: <fileName>: file changed as we read it
- [#1335433]( Self heal shows different information for the same volume from each node
- [#1335726]( stop all gluster processes should also also include glusterfs mount process
- [#1335730]( mount/fuse: Logging improvements
- [#1335822]( Revert "features/shard: Make o-direct writes work with sharding:"
+- [#1335829]( Heal info shows split-brain for .shard directory though only one brick was down
+- [#1336136]( PREFIX is not honoured during build and install
+- [#1336152]( [Tiering]: Files remain in hot tier even after detach tier completes
+- [#1336198]( failover is not working with latest builds.
+- [#1336268]( features/index: clang compile warnings in index.c
+- [#1336472]( [Tiering]: The message 'Max cycle time reached..exiting migration' incorrectly displayed as an 'error' in the logs
+- [#1336704]( [geo-rep]: Multiple geo-rep session to the same slave is allowed for different users
+- [#1336794]( assorted typos and spelling mistakes from Debian lintian
+- [#1336798]( Unexporting a volume sometimes fails with "Dynamic export addition/deletion failed".
+- [#1336801]( ganesha exported volumes doesn't get synced up on shutdown node when it comes up.
+- [#1336854]( scripts: bash-isms in scripts
+- [#1336947]( [NFS-Ganesha] : stonith-enabled option not set with new versions of cman,pacemaker,corosync and pcs
+- [#1337114]( Modified volume options are not syncing once glusterd comes up.
+- [#1337127]( rpc: change client insecure port ceiling from 65535 to 49151
+- [#1337130]( Revert "glusterd/afr: store afr pending xattrs as a volume option" patch on 3.8 branch
+- [#1337387]( Add arbiter brick hotplug
+- [#1337394]( DHT : few Files are not accessible and not listed on mount + more than one Directory have same gfid + (sometimes) attributes has ?? in ls output after renaming Directories from multiple client at same time
+- [#1337596]( Mounting a volume over NFS with a subdir followed by a / returns "Invalid argument"
+- [#1337638]( Leases: Fix lease failures in certain scenarios
+- [#1337652]( log flooded with Could not map name=xxxx to a UUID when config'd with long hostnames
+- [#1337780]( tests/bugs/write-behind/1279730.t fails spuriously
+- [#1337795]( tests/basic/afr/tarissue.t fails regression
+- [#1337822]( one of vm goes to paused state when network goes down and comes up back
+- [#1337839]( Files present in the .shard folder even after deleting all the vms from the UI
+- [#1337870]( Some of VMs go to paused state when there is concurrent I/O on vms
+- [#1337908]( SAMBA+TIER : Wrong message display.On detach tier success the message reflects Tier command failed.
+- [#1338051]( ENOTCONN error during parallel rmdir
+- [#1338968]( common-ha: ganesha.nfsd not put into NFS-GRACE after fail-back
+- [#1339137]( fuse: In fuse_first_lookup(), dict is not un-referenced in case create_frame returns an empty pointer.
+- [#1339192]( Missing autotools helper config.* files
+- [#1339228]( gfapi: set mem_acct for the variables created for upcall