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Fix gluster(8) formatting
Looking at the man page show that "Snapshot command" wasn't aligned with the other section titles. Change-Id: I24bdb2e3728e03862fee57710cfe34b0607fe09a BUG: 1507230 Signed-off-by: Michael Scherer <>
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@@ -252,7 +252,6 @@ Pause/Resume scrub. Upon resume, scrubber continues where it left off. status op
Display help for volume bitrot commands
.SS "Snapshot Commands"
\fB\ snapshot create <snapname> <volname> [no-timestamp] [description <description>] [force] \fR
Creates a snapshot of a GlusterFS volume. User can provide a snap-name and a description to identify the snap. Snap will be created by appending timestamp in GMT. User can override this behaviour using "no-timestamp" option. The description cannot be more than 1024 characters. To be able to take a snapshot, volume should be present and it should be in started state.