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doc: Updated final release notes for 4.1.0v4.1.0
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@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ normal `volume create` command.
More information on IVP can be found in the pull-request.
-To suport IVP, support for adding and managing block devices, and basic support
+To support IVP, support for adding and managing block devices, and basic support
for zones is available. [#783]( [#785](
##### Other changes
@@ -242,12 +242,7 @@ reads, in replicate based volumes.
**NOTE:** This feature is available only with GlusterD2
- - What is it?
- - How to configure/setup?
- - How to convert an existing 2-way to thin-arbiter?
- - Better would be to add all these to gluster docs and point to that here,
- with a short introduction to the feature, and its limitations at present.
+Documentation for the feature is provided [here](
#### 2. Automatically configure backup volfile servers in clients
@@ -280,7 +275,13 @@ To enable the feature use,
+- Mounting gluster volume with time attribute options (noatime, realatime...)
+is not supported with this feature
+- Certain entry operations (with differing creation flags) would reflect an
+eventual consistency w.r.t the time attributes
+- This feature does not guarantee consistent time for directories if hashed
+sub-volume for the directory is down
+- readdirp (or directory listing) is not supported with this feature
### Developer related
@@ -303,4 +304,161 @@ See, [libgfapi-perl]( - Libgfapi bindin
Bugs addressed since release-4.0.0 are listed below.
+- [#1074947]( add option to build rpm without server
+- [#1234873]( glusterfs-resource-agents - volume - voldir is not properly set
+- [#1272030]( Remove lock recovery logic from client and server protocol translators
+- [#1304962]( Intermittent file creation fail,while doing concurrent writes on distributed volume has more than 40 bricks
+- [#1312830]( tests fail because bug-924726.t depends on netstat
+- [#1319992]( RFE: Lease support for gluster
+- [#1450546]( Paths to some tools are hardcoded to /sbin or /usr/sbin
+- [#1450593]( Gluster Python scripts do not check return value of find_library
+- [#1468483]( Sharding sends all application sent fsyncs to the main shard file
+- [#1495153]( xlator_t structure's 'client_latency' variable is not used
+- [#1500649]( Shellcheck errors in hook scripts
+- [#1505355]( quota: directories doesn't get heal on newly added bricks when quota is full on sub-directory
+- [#1506140]( Add quorum checks in post-op
+- [#1507230]( Man pages badly formatted
+- [#1512691]( PostgreSQL DB Restore: unexpected data beyond EOF
+- [#1517260]( Volume wrong size
+- [#1521030]( rpc: unregister programs before registering them again
+- [#1523122]( fix serval bugs found on testing protocol/client
+- [#1523219]( fuse xlator uses block size and fragment size 128KB leading to rounding off in df output
+- [#1530905]( Reducing regression time of glusterd test cases
+- [#1533342]( Syntactical errors in hook scripts for managing SELinux context on bricks
+- [#1536024]( Rebalance process is behaving differently for AFR and EC volume.
+- [#1536186]( build: glibc has removed legacy rpc headers and rpcgen in Fedora28, use libtirpc
+- [#1537362]( glustershd/glusterd is not using right port when connecting to glusterfsd process
+- [#1537364]( [RFE] - get-state option should mark profiling enabled flag at volume level
+- [#1537457]( DHT log messages: Found anomalies in (null) (gfid = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000). Holes=1 overlaps=0
+- [#1537602]( Georeplication tests intermittently fail
+- [#1538258]( build: python-ctypes only in RHEL <= 7
+- [#1538427]( Seeing timer errors in the rebalance logs
+- [#1539023]( Add ability to control verbosity settings while compiling
+- [#1539166]( [bitrot] scrub ondemand reports it's start as success without additional detail
+- [#1539358]( Changes to self-heal logic w.r.t. detecting of split-brains
+- [#1539510]( Optimize glusterd_import_friend_volume code path
+- [#1539545]( gsyncd is running gluster command to get config file path is not required
+- [#1539603]( Glusterfs crash when doing statedump with memory accounting is disabled
+- [#1540338]( Change op-version of master to 4.1.0 for future options that maybe added
+- [#1540607]( glusterd fails to attach brick during restart of the node
+- [#1540669]( Do lock conflict check correctly for wait-list
+- [#1541038]( A down brick is incorrectly considered to be online and makes the volume to be started without any brick available
+- [#1541264]( dht_layout_t leak in dht_populate_inode_for_dentry
+- [#1541916]( The used space in the volume increases when the volume is expanded
+- [#1542318]( dht_lookup_unlink_of_false_linkto_cbk fails with "Permission denied"
+- [#1542829]( Too many log messages about dictionary and options
+- [#1543279]( Moving multiple temporary files to the same destination concurrently causes ESTALE error
+- [#1544090]( possible memleak in glusterfsd process with brick multiplexing on
+- [#1544600]( 3.8 -> 3.10 rolling upgrade fails (same for 3.12 or 3.13) on Ubuntu 14
+- [#1544699]( Rolling upgrade to 4.0 is broken
+- [#1544961]( libgfrpc does not export IPv6 RPC methods even with --with-ipv6-default
+- [#1545048]( [brick-mux] process termination race while killing glusterfsd on last brick detach
+- [#1545056]( [CIOT] : Gluster CLI says "io-threads : enabled" on existing volumes post upgrade.
+- [#1545891]( Provide a automated way to update bugzilla status with patch merge.
+- [#1546129]( Geo-rep: glibc fix breaks geo-replication
+- [#1546620]( DHT calls dht_lookup_everywhere for 1xn volumes
+- [#1546954]( [Rebalance] "Migrate file failed: <filepath>: failed to get xattr [No data available]" warnings in rebalance logs
+- [#1547068]( Bricks getting assigned to different pids depending on whether brick path is IP or hostname based
+- [#1547128]( Typo error in __dht_check_free_space function log message
+- [#1547662]( After a replace brick command, self-heal takes some time to start healing files on disperse volumes
+- [#1547888]( [brick-mux] incorrect event-thread scaling in server_reconfigure()
+- [#1548361]( Make afr_fsync a transaction
+- [#1549000]( line-coverage tests not capturing details properly.
+- [#1549606]( Eager lock should be present for both metadata and data transactions
+- [#1549915]( [Fuse Sub-dir] After performing add-brick on volume,doing rm -rf * on subdir mount point fails with "Transport endpoint is not connected"
+- [#1550078]( memory leak in pre-op in replicate volumes for every write
+- [#1550339]( glusterd leaks memory when vol status is issued
+- [#1550895]( GD2 fails to dlopen server xlator
+- [#1550936]( Pause/Resume of geo-replication with wrong user specified returns success
+- [#1553129]( Memory corruption is causing crashes, hangs and invalid answers
+- [#1553598]( [Rebalance] ENOSPC errors on few files in rebalance logs
+- [#1553926]( configure --without-ipv6-default has odd behaviour
+- [#1553938]( configure summary TIRPC result is misleading
+- [#1554053]( 4.0 clients may fail to convert iatt in dict when recieving the same from older (< 4.0) servers
+- [#1554743]( [EC] Read performance of EC volume exported over gNFS is significantly lower than write performance
+- [#1555154]( glusterd: TLS verification fails when using intermediate CA instead of self-signed certificates
+- [#1555167]( namespace test failure
+- [#1557435]( Enable lookup-optimize by default
+- [#1557876]( Fuse mount crashed with only one VM running with its image on that volume
+- [#1557932]( Shard replicate volumes don't use eager-lock affectively
+- [#1558016]( test ./tests/bugs/ec/bug-1236065.t is generating crash on build
+- [#1558074]( [disperse] Add tests for in-memory stripe cache for the non aligned write
+- [#1558380]( Modify glfsheal binary to accept socket file path as an optional argument.
+- [#1559004]( /var/log/glusterfs/bricks/export_vdb.log flooded with this error message "Not able to add to index [Too many links]"
+- [#1559075]( enable ownthread feature for glusterfs4_0_fop_prog
+- [#1559126]( Incorrect error message in /features/changelog/lib/src/gf-history-changelog.c
+- [#1559130]( ssh stderr in glusterfind gets swallowed
+- [#1559235]( Increase the inode table size on server when upcall enabled
+- [#1560319]( NFS client gets "Invalid argument" when writing file through nfs-ganesha with quota
+- [#1560393]( Fix regresssion failure for ./tests/basic/md-cache/bug-1418249.t
+- [#1560411]( fallocate created data set is crossing storage reserve space limits resulting 100% brick full
+- [#1560441]( volume stop in mgmt v3
+- [#1560589]( nl-cache.t fails
+- [#1560957]( After performing remove-brick followed by add-brick operation, brick went offline state
+- [#1561129]( When storage reserve limit is reached, appending data to an existing file throws EROFS error
+- [#1561406]( Rebalance failures on a dispersed volume with lookup-optimize enabled
+- [#1562052]( build: revert configure --without-ipv6-default behaviour
+- [#1562717]( SHD is not healing entries in halo replication
+- [#1562907]( set mgmt_v3_timer->timer to NULL after mgmt_v3_timer is deleted
+- [#1563273]( mark brick as online only when portmap registration is completed
+- [#1563334]( Honour cluster.localtime-logging option for all the daemons
+- [#1563511]( Redundant synchronization in rename codepath for a single subvolume DHT
+- [#1563945]( [EC] Turn ON the stripe-cache option by default for ec volume
+- [#1564198]( [Remove-brick] Many files were not migrated from the decommissioned bricks; commit results in data loss
+- [#1564235]( gfapi: fix a couple of minor issues
+- [#1564600]( Client can create denial of service (DOS) conditions on server
+- [#1566067]( Volume status inode is broken with brickmux
+- [#1566207]( Linux kernel untar failed with "xz: (stdin): Read error: Invalid argument" immediate after add-brick
+- [#1566303]( Removing directories from multiple clients throws ESTALE errors
+- [#1566386]( Disable choose-local in groups virt and gluster-block
+- [#1566732]( EIO errors on some operations when volume has mixed brick versions on a disperse volume
+- [#1567209]( Geo-rep: faulty session due to OSError: [Errno 95] Operation not supported
+- [#1567880]( Grant Deepshikha access to all CI-related infrastructure
+- [#1567881]( Halo replication I/O path is not working
+- [#1568348]( Rebalance on few nodes doesn't seem to complete - stuck at FUTEX_WAIT
+- [#1568521]( shard files present even after deleting vm from ovirt UI
+- [#1568820]( Add generated HMAC token in header for webhook calls
+- [#1568844]( [snapshot-scheduler]Prevent access of shared storage volume from the outside client
+- [#1569198]( bitrot scrub status does not show the brick where the object (file) is corrupted
+- [#1569489]( Need heal-timeout to be configured as low as 5 seconds
+- [#1570011]( test case is failing ./tests/bugs/glusterd/add-brick-and-validate-replicated-volume-options.t while brick mux is enabled
+- [#1570538]( linux untar errors out at completion during disperse volume inservice upgrade
+- [#1570962]( print the path of the corrupted object in scrub status
+- [#1571069]( [geo-rep]: Lot of changelogs retries and "dict is null" errors in geo-rep logs
+- [#1572076]( Dictionary response is not captured in syncop_(f)xattrop
+- [#1572581]( Remove-brick failed on Distributed volume while rm -rf is in-progress
+- [#1572586]( dht: do not allow migration if file is open
+- [#1573066]( growing glusterd memory usage with connected RHGSWA
+- [#1573119]( Amends in volume profile option 'gluster-block'
+- [#1573220]( Memory leak in volume tier status command
+- [#1574259]( Errors unintentionally reported for snapshot status
+- [#1574305]( rm command hangs in fuse_request_send
+- [#1574606]( the regression test "tests/bugs/posix/bug-990028.t" fails
+- [#1575294]( lease recall callback should be avoided on closed
+- [#1575386]( GlusterFS 4.1.0 tracker
+- [#1575707]( Gluster volume smb share options are getting overwritten after restating the gluster volume
+- [#1576814]( GlusterFS can be improved
+- [#1577162]( gfapi: broken symbol versions
+- [#1579674]( Remove EIO from the dht_inode_missing macro
+- [#1579736]( Additional log messages in dht_readdir(p)_cbk
+- [#1579757]( DHT Log flooding in mount log "key=trusted.glusterfs.dht.mds [Invalid argument]"
+- [#1580215]( [geo-rep]: Lot of changelogs retries and "dict is null" errors in geo-rep logs
+- [#1580540]( make getfattr return proper response for "glusterfs.gfidtopath" xattr for files created when gfid2path was off
+- [#1581548]( writes succeed when only good brick is down in 1x3 volume
+- [#1581745]( bug-1309462.t is failing reliably due to changes in security.capability changes in the kernel
+- [#1582056]( Input/Output errors on a disperse volume with concurrent reads and writes
+- [#1582063]( rpc: The gluster auth version is always AUTH_GLUSTERFS_v2
+- [#1582068]( ctime: Rename and unlink does not update ctime
+- [#1582072]( posix/ctime: Access time is not updated for file with a hardlink
+- [#1582080]( posix/ctime: The first lookup on file is not healing the gfid
+- [#1582199]( posix unwinds readdirp calls with readdir signature
+- [#1582286]( Brick-mux regressions failing on 4.1 branch
+- [#1582531]( posix/ctime: Mtime is not updated on setting it to older date
+- [#1582549]( api: missing __THROW on pub function decls
+- [#1583016]( libgfapi: glfs init fails on afr volume with ctime feature enabled
+- [#1583734]( rpc_transport_unref() called for an unregistered socket fd
+- [#1583769]( Fix incorrect rebalance log message
+- [#1584633]( Brick process crashed after upgrade from RHGS-3.3.1 async(7.4) to RHGS-3.4(7.5)
+- [#1585894]( posix/ctime: EC self heal of directory is blocked with ctime feature enabled
+- [#1587908]( Fix deadlock in failure codepath of shard fsync
+- [#1590128]( xdata is leaking in server3_3_seek