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+## Release Notes for GlusterFS 3.7.6
+This is a bugfix release. The [Release Notes for 3.7.0](,
+[3.7.1](, [3.5.2](, [3.7.3](, [3.7.4]( and
+[3.7.5]( contain a listing of all the new features that were added and
+bugs fixed in the GlusterFS 3.7 stable release.
+### Bugs Fixed:
+- [1057295]( glusterfs doesn't include firewalld rules
+- [1219399]( NFS interoperability problem: Gluster Striped-Replicated can't read on vmware esxi 5.x NFS client
+- [1221957]( Fully support data-tiering in 3.7.x, remove out of 'experimental' status
+- [1258197]( gNFSd: NFS mount fails with "Remote I/O error"
+- [1258242]( Data Tiering: detach-tier start force command not available on a tier volume(unlike which is possible in force remove-brick)
+- [1258833]( Data Tiering: Disallow attach tier on a volume where any rebalance process is in progress to avoid deadlock(like remove brick commit pending etc)
+- [1259167]( GF_LOG_NONE logs always
+- [1261146]( Legacy files pre-existing tier attach must be promoted
+- [1261732]( Disperse volume: df -h on a nfs mount throws Invalid argument error
+- [1261744]( Tier/shd: Tracker bug for tier and shd compatibility
+- [1261758]( Tiering/glusted: volume status failed after detach tier start
+- [1262860]( Data Tiering: Tiering deamon is seeing each part of a file in a Disperse cold volume as a different file
+- [1265623]( Data Tiering:Promotions and demotions fail after quota hard limits are hit for a tier volume
+- [1266836]( AFR : fuse,nfs mount hangs when directories with same names are created and deleted continuously
+- [1266880]( Tiering: unlink failed with error "Invaid argument"
+- [1267816]( quota/marker: marker code cleanup
+- [1269035]( Data Tiering:Throw a warning when user issues a detach-tier commit command
+- [1269125]( Data Tiering:Regression: automation blocker:vol status for tier volumes using xml format is not working
+- [1269344]( tier/cli: number of bricks remains the same in v info --xml
+- [1269501]( Self-heal daemon crashes when bricks godown at the time of data heal
+- [1269530]( Core:Blocker:Segmentation fault when using fallocate command on a gluster volume
+- [1269730]( Sharding - Send inode forgets on _all_ shards if/when the protocol layer (FUSE/Gfapi) at the top sends a forget on the actual file
+- [1270123]( Data Tiering: Database locks observed on tiered volumes on continous writes to a file
+- [1270527]( add policy mechanism for promotion and demotion
+- [1270769]( quota/marker: dir count in inode quota is not atomic
+- [1271204]( Introduce priv dump in shard xlator for better debugging
+- [1271249]( tiering:compiler warning with gcc v5.1.1
+- [1271490]( rm -rf on /run/gluster/vol/<directory name>/ is not showing quota output header for other quota limit applied directories
+- [1271540]( RHEL7/systemd : can't have server in debug mode anymore
+- [1271627]( Creating a already deleted snapshot-clone deletes the corresponding snapshot.
+- [1271967]( ECVOL: glustershd log grows quickly and fills up the root volume
+- [1272036]( Data Tiering:getting failed to fsync on germany-hot-dht (Structure needs cleaning) warning
+- [1272331]( Tier: Do not promote/demote files on which POSIX locks are held
+- [1272334]( Data Tiering:Promotions fail when brick of EC (disperse) cold layer are down
+- [1272398]( Data Tiering:Lot of Promotions/Demotions failed error messages
+- [1273246]( Tier xattr name is misleading (trusted.tier-gfid)
+- [1273334]( Fix in afr transaction code
+- [1274101]( need a way to pause/stop tiering to take snapshot
+- [1274600]( [sharding+geo-rep]: On existing slave mount, reading files fails to show sharded file content
+- [1275157]( Reduce 'CTR disabled' brick log message from ERROR to INFO/DEBUG
+- [1275483]( Data Tiering:heat counters not getting reset and also internal ops seem to be heating the files
+- [1275502]( [Tier]: Typo in the output while setting the wrong value of low/hi watermark
+- [1275921]( Disk usage mismatching after self-heal
+- [1276029]( Upgrading a subset of cluster to 3.7.5 leads to issues with glusterd commands
+- [1276060]( dist-geo-rep: geo-rep status shows Active/Passive even when all the gsync processes in a node are killed
+- [1276208]( [RFE] 'gluster volume help' output could be sorted alphabetically
+- [1276244]( gluster-nfs : Server crashed due to an invalid reference
+- [1276550]( FUSE clients in a container environment hang and do not recover post losing connections to all bricks
+- [1277080]( quota: set quota version for files/directories
+- [1277394]( Wrong value of snap-max-hard-limit observed in 'gluster volume info'.
+- [1277587]( Data Tiering:tiering deamon crashes when trying to heat the file
+- [1277590]( Tier : Move common functions into tier.rc
+- [1277800]( [New] - Message displayed after attach tier is misleading
+- [1277984]( Upgrading to 3.7.-5-5 has changed volume to distributed disperse
+- [1278578]( move mount-nfs-auth.t to failed tests lists
+- [1278603]( fix lookup-unhashed for tiered volumes.
+- [1278640]( [New] - Files in a tiered volume gets promoted when bitd signs them
+- [1278744]( ec-readdir.t is failing consistently
+- [1278850]( Tests/tiering: Correct typo in bug-1214222-directories_miising_after_attach_tier.t in bad_tests
+### Known Issues:
+- Volume commands fail with "staging failed" message when few nodes in trusted storage pool have 3.7.6 installed and other nodes have 3.7.5 installed. Please upgrade all nodes to recover from this error. This issue is not seen if upgrading from 3.7.4 or previous to 3.7.6.