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release-notes/6.0: Add ctime feature changes in release notes
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@@ -156,6 +156,31 @@ Samba unless either of 'user.cifs' or 'user.smb' volume set options are enabled
on the volume. The existing GlusterFS volume share sections in smb.conf will
remain unchanged.
+#### 7. ctime feature is enabled by default
+The ctime feature which maintains (c/m) time consistency across replica and
+disperse subvolumes is enabled by default.
+Also, with this release, a single option is provided to enable/disable ctime
+#gluster vol set <volname> ctime <on/off>
+**NOTE:** The time information used is from clients, hence it's required that
+clients are synced with respect to their times, using NTP or other such means.
+- Mounting gluster volume with time attribute options (noatime, realatime...)
+ is not supported with this feature
+- This feature does not guarantee consistent time for directories if the hashed
+ sub-volume for the directory is down
+- Directory listing is not supported with this feature, and may report
+ inconsistent time information
+- Older files created before upgrade, would witness update of ctime upon
+ accessing after upgrade [BUG:1593542](
### Developer
#### 1. Gluster code can be compiled and executed using [TSAN](