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+# Release notes for Gluster 3.8.1
+This is a bugfix release. The [Release Notes for 3.8.0]( contain a
+listing of all the new features that were added and bugs fixed in the GlusterFS
+3.8 stable release.
+## Bugs addressed
+A total of 35 patches have been sent, addressing 32 bugs:
+- [#1345883]( [geo-rep]: Worker died with [Errno 2] No such file or directory
+- [#1346134]( quota : rectify quota-deem-statfs default value in gluster v set help command
+- [#1346158]( Possible crash due to a timer cancellation race
+- [#1346750]( Unsafe access to inode->fd_list
+- [#1347207]( Old documentation link in log during Geo-rep MISCONFIGURATION
+- [#1347355]( glusterd: SuSE build system error for incorrect strcat, strncat usage
+- [#1347489]( IO ERROR when multiple graph switches
+- [#1347509]( Data Tiering:tier volume status shows as in-progress on all nodes of a cluster even if the node is not part of volume
+- [#1347524]( NFS+attach tier:IOs hang while attach tier is issued
+- [#1347529]( rm -rf to a dir gives directory not empty(ENOTEMPTY) error
+- [#1347553]( O_DIRECT support for sharding
+- [#1347590]( Ganesha+Tiering: Continuous "0-glfs_h_poll_cache_invalidation: invalid argument" messages getting logged in ganesha-gfapi logs.
+- [#1348055]( cli core dumped while providing/not wrong values during arbiter replica volume
+- [#1348060]( Worker dies with [Errno 5] Input/output error upon creation of entries at slave
+- [#1348086]( [geo-rep]: Worker crashed with "KeyError: "
+- [#1349274]( [geo-rep]: If the data is copied from .snaps directory to the master, it doesn't get sync to slave [First Copy]
+- [#1349711]( [Granular entry sh] - Implement renaming of indices in index translator
+- [#1349879]( AFR winds a few reads of a file in metadata split-brain.
+- [#1350326]( Protocol client not mounting volumes running on older versions.
+- [#1350785]( Add relative path validation for gluster copy file utility
+- [#1350787]( gfapi: in case of handle based APIs, close glfd after successful create
+- [#1350789]( Buffer overflow when attempting to create filesystem using libgfapi as driver on OpenStack
+- [#1351025]( Implement API to get page aligned iobufs in iobuf.c
+- [#1351151]( ganesha.enable remains on in volume info file even after we disable nfs-ganesha on the cluster.
+- [#1351154]( nfs-ganesha disable doesn't delete nfs-ganesha folder from /var/run/gluster/shared_storage
+- [#1351711]( build: remove absolute paths from glusterfs spec file
+- [#1352281]( Issues reported by Coverity static analysis tool
+- [#1352393]( [FEAT] DHT - rebalance - rebalance status o/p should be different for 'fix-layout' option, it should not show 'Rebalanced-files' , 'Size', 'Scanned' etc as it is not migrating any files.
+- [#1352632]( qemu libgfapi clients hang when doing I/O
+- [#1352817]( [scale]: Bricks not started after node reboot.
+- [#1352880]( gluster volume info --xml returns 0 for nonexistent volume
+- [#1353426]( glusterd: glusterd provides stale port information when a volume is recreated with same brick path