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authorRavishankar N <>2016-12-23 07:11:13 +0000
committerPranith Kumar Karampuri <>2016-12-26 22:34:02 -0800
commit5a7c86e578f5bbd793126a035c30e6b052177a9f (patch)
parent734da9d94566dbf37984b88df787569fd5209ee2 (diff)
afr: use accused matrix instead of readable matrix for deciding heals
Problem: afr_replies_interpret() used the 'readable' matrix to trigger client side heals after inode refresh. But for arbiter, readable is always zero. So when `dd` is run with a data brick down, spurious data heals are are triggered. These heals open an fd, causing eager lock to be disabled (open fd count >1) in afr transactions, leading to extra FXATTROPS Fix: Use the accused matrix (derived from interpreting the afr pending xattrs) to decide whether we can start heal or not. Change-Id: Ibbd56c9aed6026de6ec42422e60293702aaf55f9 BUG: 1408395 Signed-off-by: Ravishankar N <> Reviewed-on: NetBSD-regression: NetBSD Build System <> CentOS-regression: Gluster Build System <> Smoke: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Pranith Kumar Karampuri <> Tested-by: Pranith Kumar Karampuri <>
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/xlators/cluster/afr/src/afr-common.c b/xlators/cluster/afr/src/afr-common.c
index e151c01eb0d..46396cf1163 100644
--- a/xlators/cluster/afr/src/afr-common.c
+++ b/xlators/cluster/afr/src/afr-common.c
@@ -1016,7 +1016,7 @@ afr_replies_interpret (call_frame_t *frame, xlator_t *this, inode_t *inode,
for (i = 0; i < priv->child_count; i++) {
if (start_heal && priv->child_up[i] &&
- (!data_readable[i] || !metadata_readable[i])) {
+ (data_accused[i] || metadata_accused[i])) {
*start_heal = _gf_true;