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authorKrishnan Parthasarathi <>2012-06-30 17:04:26 +0530
committerAnand Avati <>2012-06-30 09:22:16 -0700
commit4df8241e740255744deea983f5e0c63ade202409 (patch)
parent5a5148f07a808d1b94a116eb41a9452bd58ed6bb (diff)
rpc: Fixed ping timer algo.
The purpose of the ping timer is to assert the absence of any evidence the server is possibly alive. The current implementation updates the 'last_sent' timer in the following points in time, - rpc_clnt_submit: when rpc messages are being queued at the transport layer. (wrong!, since we have no way to determine if server actually received the message) - rpc_clnt_notify: when client receives pollout event on sending a message on the 'wire'. (correct, since it indicates ACK from server) The fix removes the 'incorrect' update of 'last_sent'. Change-Id: I56af7b15c3672673696977a7c50ee66eafa4ec55 Signed-off-by: Krishnan Parthasarathi <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Anand Avati <>
1 files changed, 0 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-clnt.c b/rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-clnt.c
index 21066dfc596..ae746251177 100644
--- a/rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-clnt.c
+++ b/rpc/rpc-lib/src/rpc-clnt.c
@@ -1494,7 +1494,6 @@ rpc_clnt_submit (struct rpc_clnt *rpc, rpc_clnt_prog_t *prog,
if ((ret >= 0) && frame) {
- gettimeofday (&conn->last_sent, NULL);
/* Save the frame in queue */
__save_frame (rpc, frame, rpcreq);