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+# Release notes for Gluster 3.12.2
+This is a bugfix release. The release notes for [3.12.0](, [3.12.1](,
+[3.12.2]( contain a listing of all the new features that were added and bugs
+fixed in the GlusterFS 3.12 stable release.
+## Major changes, features and limitations addressed in this release
+ 1.) In a pure distribute volume there is no source to heal the replaced brick
+ from and hence would cause a loss of data that was present in the replaced brick.
+ The CLI has been enhanced to prevent a user from inadvertently using replace brick
+ in a pure distribute volume. It is advised to use add/remove brick to migrate from
+ an existing brick in a pure distribute volume.
+## Major issues
+1. Expanding a gluster volume that is sharded may cause file corruption
+ - Sharded volumes are typically used for VM images, if such volumes are
+ expanded or possibly contracted (i.e add/remove bricks and rebalance) there
+ are reports of VM images getting corrupted.
+ - The last known cause for corruption #1465123 is still pending, and not yet
+ part of this release.
+2. Gluster volume restarts fail if the sub directory export feature is in use.
+ Status of this issue can be tracked here, #1501315
+3. Mounting a gluster snapshot will fail, when attempting a FUSE based mount of
+ the snapshot. So for the current users, it is recommend to only access snapshot
+ via ".snaps" directory on a mounted gluster volume.
+ Status of this issue can be tracked here, #1501378
+## Bugs addressed
+ A total of 31 patches have been merged, addressing 28 bugs
+- [#1490493]( Sub-directory mount details are incorrect in /proc/mounts
+- [#1491178]( GlusterD returns a bad memory pointer in glusterd_get_args_from_dict()
+- [#1491292]( Provide brick list as part of VOLUME_CREATE event.
+- [#1491690]( rpc: TLSv1_2_method() is deprecated in OpenSSL-1.1
+- [#1492026]( set the shard-block-size to 64MB in virt profile
+- [#1492061]( CLIENT_CONNECT event not being raised
+- [#1492066]( AFR_SUBVOL_UP and AFR_SUBVOLS_DOWN events not working
+- [#1493975]( disallow replace brick operation on plain distribute volume
+- [#1494523]( Spelling errors in 3.12.1
+- [#1495162]( glusterd ends up with multiple uuids for the same node
+- [#1495397]( Make event-history feature configurable and have it disabled by default
+- [#1495858]( gluster volume create asks for confirmation for replica-2 volume even with force
+- [#1496238]( [geo-rep]: Scheduler help needs correction for description of --no-color
+- [#1496317]( [afr] split-brain observed on T files post hardlink and rename in x3 volume
+- [#1496326]( [GNFS+EC] lock is being granted to 2 different client for the same data range at a time after performing lock acquire/release from the clients1
+- [#1497084]( glusterfs process consume huge memory on both server and client node
+- [#1499123]( Readdirp is considerably slower than readdir on acl clients
+- [#1499150]( Improve performance with xattrop update.
+- [#1499158]( client-io-threads option not working for replicated volumes
+- [#1499202]( self-heal daemon stuck
+- [#1499392]( [geo-rep]: Improve the output message to reflect the real failure with schedule_georep script
+- [#1500396]( [geo-rep]: Observed "Operation not supported" error with traceback on slave log
+- [#1500472]( Use a bitmap to store local node info instead of conf->local_nodeuuids[i].uuids
+- [#1500662]( gluster volume heal info "healed" and "heal-failed" showing wrong information
+- [#1500835]( [geo-rep]: Status shows ACTIVE for most workers in EC before it becomes the PASSIVE
+- [#1500841]( [geo-rep]: Worker crashes with OSError: [Errno 61] No data available
+- [#1500845]( [geo-rep] master worker crash with interrupted system call
+- [#1500853]( [geo-rep]: Incorrect last sync "0" during hystory crawl after upgrade/stop-start
+- [#1501022]( Make choose-local configurable through `volume-set` command
+- [#1501154]( Brick Multiplexing: Gluster volume start force complains with command "Error : Request timed out" when there are multiple volumes