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authorkshithijiyer <>2019-07-10 18:39:51 +0530
committerAmar Tumballi <>2019-09-19 07:34:27 +0000
commit1088301998d4feabc4285fc6298c08e19a2a558d (patch)
parentd9ad59c0cdda160aaef6995cce387961ce8939ce (diff)
[geo-rep] Improving help message for gluster-mountbroker
The arguments for gluster-mountbroker is missing help="< Some Text>" parameter wherever add_argument() is used due to which gluster-mountbroker help is missing a brief description of what the argument does in the help of {add,setup,remove} as shown below: usage: gluster-mountbroker remove [-h] [--volume VOLUME] [--user USER] optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --volume VOLUME --user USER usage: gluster-mountbroker add [-h] volume user positional arguments: volume user optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit usage: gluster-mountbroker setup [-h] mount_root group positional arguments: mount_root group optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit fixes: bz#1728683 Change-Id: I7eabcd2c103f01e40160ba35500b0a4e5c9f5e7a Signed-off-by: kshithijiyer <>
1 files changed, 11 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/geo-replication/src/ b/geo-replication/src/
index 96a72643ac3..40b90ffc560 100644
--- a/geo-replication/src/
+++ b/geo-replication/src/
@@ -222,8 +222,10 @@ class CliSetup(Cmd):
name = "setup"
def args(self, parser):
- parser.add_argument("mount_root")
- parser.add_argument("group")
+ parser.add_argument("mount_root",
+ help="Path to the mountbroker-root directory.")
+ parser.add_argument("group",
+ help="Group to be used for setup.")
def run(self, args):
out = execute_in_peers("node-setup", [args.mount_root,
@@ -333,8 +335,10 @@ class CliAdd(Cmd):
name = "add"
def args(self, parser):
- parser.add_argument("volume")
- parser.add_argument("user")
+ parser.add_argument("volume",
+ help="Volume to be added.")
+ parser.add_argument("user",
+ help="User for which volume is to be added.")
def run(self, args):
out = execute_in_peers("node-add", [args.volume,
@@ -374,8 +378,9 @@ class CliRemove(Cmd):
name = "remove"
def args(self, parser):
- parser.add_argument("--volume", default=".")
- parser.add_argument("--user", default=".")
+ parser.add_argument("--volume", default=".", help="Volume to be removed.")
+ parser.add_argument("--user", default=".",
+ help="User for which volume has to be removed.")
def run(self, args):
out = execute_in_peers("node-remove", [args.volume,