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The logs are sent in CEE format ( to syslog.
Its targeted to rsyslog syslog server.
-This log framework can be disabled either at compile time or run time
+This log framework is enabled at compile time by default. This can be
+disabled by passing '--disable-syslog' to ./configure or '--without
+syslog' to rpmbuild
-- for compile time by passing '--disable-syslog' to ./configure or
- '--without syslog' to rpmbuild (or)
-- for run time by having a file /var/lib/glusterd/logger.conf and
- restarting gluster services
+Even though its enabled at compile time, its required to have
+/var/lib/glusterd/logger.conf file to make it into effect before
+starting gluster services
Currently all gluster logs are sent with error code GF_ERR_DEV.