BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastercli,glusterd: Task parameters in xml outputKaushal M10 years
origin/upstream_on_quotatests/basic: Improve quota.t to include enforcement testsVijay Bellur10 years
quotaMerge "common-utils: Move glusterd_is_service_running() to common-utils" into...Vijay Bellur10 years
quota-improvementsfeatures/quota: Allow the gluster 'special' processes to supercede the limitsVarun Shastry10 years
testdoc: Create a features folder.Vijay Bellur10 years
upstream_on_quotadoc: Upgrade steps for quotaKrutika Dhananjay10 years
v3.4quota1commit a3bcd5bc09...Vijay Bellur10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-09-13cli,glusterd: Task parameters in xml outputHEADmasterKaushal M4-7/+260
2013-09-12qemu-block: fix building from distribution tarball when glib2-devel is installedNiels de Vos2-1/+30
2013-09-12tests/basic/rpm.t: run mock builds inside the current working directoryNiels de Vos1-22/+28
2013-09-12cli: Add statusStr xml tag to task list and rebalance/remove brick statusAravinda VK3-19/+44
2013-09-11mgmt/glusterd: Update sub_count on remove brickVijay Bellur2-0/+26
2013-09-11doc: Steps to recover from split-brainRavishankar N1-0/+251
2013-09-11rpc/rpc-lib: rpcsvc should reply when rpc_err is setPranith Kumar K1-176/+179
2013-09-11cli: Fix 'status all' xml output when volumes are not startedKaushal M2-10/+38
2013-09-10tests/basic/rpm.t: run mock builds in parallelKaleb S. KEITHLEY1-10/+17
2013-09-10glusterd: Allow bumping down a peer's op-version during probeKaushal M1-15/+9