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cluster/afr: prevent piggyback on stale pre_op
Here are the logs of a file on which we saw EIO because of size mismatch: [root@lizzie ~]# grep 38f18204 /var/log/glusterfs/mnt-x-.log Reporting Unstable write for 38f18204-2840-408e-ae65-c01f4106b8c4 for offset: 0, len: 7680 Cleared unstable write flag for 38f18204-2840-408e-ae65-c01f4106b8c4: offset 0 length 7680 Reporting Unstable write for 38f18204-2840-408e-ae65-c01f4106b8c4 for offset: 7680, len: 71680 Reporting Unstable write for 38f18204-2840-408e-ae65-c01f4106b8c4 for offset: 79360, len: 15716 fsync completed on 38f18204-2840-408e-ae65-c01f4106b8c4 for offset 0 length 7680 with changelog status: -1 -1 According to these logs fsync did not happen after writev with offset: 79360, len: 15716. Which is the reason for this problem. In total 3 writes came. lets call them w1, w2, w3 w1 does pre_op so pre_op_done[0], pre_op_done[1] counts become 1 and 1 then is_piggyback_post_op() is called for w1 and it returns *false* w1's fsync is fired Now w2 and w3 come and see that pre_op_done[0], pre_op_done[1] are both 1, so pre_op_piggyback[0] and pre_op_piggyback[1] are both incremented twice, once by w2, one more time by w3 and become 2, 2 ------- Step-A Now fsync of w1 is complete and it goes ahead with post op and decrements pre_op_done[0], pre_op_done[1] to 0, 0 Now w2, w3 writevs complete and is_piggyback_post_op will return *true* for both w2, w3. So fsync is not fired for both w2, w3 this patch prevents Step-A from happening. Change-Id: I8b6af1f1875b2cf5f718caa3c16ee7ff3dc96b5c BUG: 927146 Signed-off-by: Pranith Kumar K <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Jeff Darcy <>
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