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authorVenkatesh Somyajulu <>2013-06-28 19:11:47 +0530
committerVijay Bellur <>2013-07-02 10:25:17 -0700
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cluster/afr: Allow data/entry self heal for metadata split-brain
Problem: Currently whenever there is metadata split-brain, a variable sh->op_failed is set to 1 to denote that self heal got failed. But if we proceed for data self heal, even code-path of data self heal also relies on the sh->op_failed variable. So if will check for sh->op_failed variable and will eventually fails to do data self heal. So needed a mechanism to allow data self heal even if metadata is in split brain. Fix: Some data structure revamp is done in fix and this patch is based on the above fix. Now we can store which particular self-heal got failed i.e GFID_OR_MISSING_ENTRY_SELF_HEAL, METADATA, DATA, ENTRY. And we can do two types of self heal failure check. 1. Individual type check: We can check which among all four (Metadata, Data, Gfid or missing entry, entry self heal) got failed. 2. In afr_self_heal_completion_cbk, we need to make check based on the fact that if any specific self heal got failed treat the complete self heal as failure so that it will populate corresponding circular buffer of event history accordingly. Change-Id: Icb91e513bcc752386fc8a78812405cfabe5cac2d BUG: 977797 Signed-off-by: Venkatesh Somyajulu <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Pranith Kumar Karampuri <> Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Vijay Bellur <>
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+++ b/tests/bugs/bug-977797.t
@@ -0,0 +1,114 @@
+. $(dirname $0)/../include.rc
+. $(dirname $0)/../volume.rc
+## Start and create a volume
+TEST glusterd;
+TEST pidof glusterd;
+TEST $CLI volume info;
+TEST $CLI volume create $V0 replica 2 $H0:$B0/${V0}{1,2};
+## Verify volume is is created
+EXPECT "$V0" volinfo_field $V0 'Volume Name';
+EXPECT 'Created' volinfo_field $V0 'Status';
+## Start volume and verify
+TEST $CLI volume start $V0;
+EXPECT 'Started' volinfo_field $V0 'Status';
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 self-heal-daemon off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 open-behind off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 quick-read off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 read-ahead off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 write-behind off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 io-cache off
+TEST $CLI volume set $V0 background-self-heal-count 0
+TEST glusterfs --volfile-id=/$V0 --volfile-server=$H0 $M0 --attribute-timeout=0 --entry-timeout=0
+TEST mkdir -p $M0/a
+TEST `echo "GLUSTERFS" > $M0/a/file`
+TEST kill_brick $V0 $H0 $B0/$V0"1"
+TEST chown root $M0/a
+TEST chown root $M0/a/file
+TEST `echo "GLUSTER-FILE-SYSTEM" > $M0/a/file`
+TEST mkdir $M0/a/b
+TEST $CLI volume start $V0 force
+EXPECT_WITHIN 20 "1" afr_child_up_status $V0 0;
+TEST kill_brick $V0 $H0 $B0/$V0"2"
+TEST chmod 757 $M0/a
+TEST chmod 757 $M0/a/file
+TEST $CLI volume start $V0 force
+EXPECT_WITHIN 20 "1" afr_child_up_status $V0 1;
+TEST ls -l $M0/a/file
+b1c0dir=$(afr_get_specific_changelog_xattr $B0/$V0"1"/a \
+ trusted.afr.$V0-client-0 "entry")
+b1c1dir=$(afr_get_specific_changelog_xattr $B0/$V0"1"/a \
+ trusted.afr.$V0-client-1 "entry")
+b2c0dir=$(afr_get_specific_changelog_xattr \
+ $B0/$V0"2"/a trusted.afr.$V0-client-0 "entry")
+b2c1dir=$(afr_get_specific_changelog_xattr \
+ $B0/$V0"2"/a trusted.afr.$V0-client-1 "entry")
+b1c0f=$(afr_get_specific_changelog_xattr $B0/$V0"1"/a/file \
+ trusted.afr.$V0-client-0 "data")
+b1c1f=$(afr_get_specific_changelog_xattr $B0/$V0"1"/a/file \
+ trusted.afr.$V0-client-1 "data")
+b2c0f=$(afr_get_specific_changelog_xattr $B0/$V0"2"/a/file \
+ trusted.afr.$V0-client-0 "data")
+b2c1f=$(afr_get_specific_changelog_xattr $B0/$V0"2"/a/file \
+ trusted.afr.$V0-client-1 "data")
+EXPECT "00000000" echo $b1c0f
+EXPECT "00000000" echo $b1c1f
+EXPECT "00000000" echo $b2c0f
+EXPECT "00000000" echo $b2c1f
+EXPECT "00000000" echo $b1c0dir
+EXPECT "00000000" echo $b1c1dir
+EXPECT "00000000" echo $b2c0dir
+EXPECT "00000000" echo $b2c1dir
+contains() {
+ string="$1"
+ substring="$2"
+ var="-1"
+ if test "${string#*$substring}" != "$string"
+ then
+ var="0" # $substring is in $string
+ else
+ var="1" # $substring is not in $string
+ fi
+ echo $var
+var1=$(cat $M0/a/file 2>&1)
+var2="Input/output error"
+EXPECT "0" contains "$var1" "$var2"
+## Finish up
+TEST $CLI volume stop $V0;
+EXPECT 'Stopped' volinfo_field $V0 'Status';
+TEST $CLI volume delete $V0;
+TEST ! $CLI volume info $V0;