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dht: fix dht_discover_cbk doing a wrong layout set.
with the sequence of operations are like below, we have issues with current code (MP == mountpoint): T0,MP1# mkdir /abcd (Succeeds on hash_subvol) T1,MP2# mkdir /abcd (Gets EEXIST as dir exists in hash_subvol) T2,MP2# mkdir /.gfid/<abcd's gfid>/xyz (lookup happens on abcd's gfid, calls dht_discover) T3,MP1# (Completes mkdir(), goes to dir_selfheal to set the layouts). T4,MP2# (dht_discover_cbk gets success for lookup as the entry existed, as layout is not yet written, it says normalize done, found holes). T5,MP2# (as layout anomaly is not considered an issue in this patch, dht_layout_set happens on inode, with all xlators pointing to 0s) T6,MP1# (completes mkdir call, inode has proper layouts) T7,MP2# mkdir /.gfid/<abcd's gfid>/xyz fails with ENOENT (with log saying no subvol found for hash value of xyz. Porting Amar's fix from down-stream beta branch. Change-Id: Ibdc37ee614c96158a1330af19cad81a39bee2651 BUG: 982913 Original-author: Amar Tumballi <> Signed-off-by: shishir gowda <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amar Tumballi <> Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Anand Avati <>
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