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+storage/posix translator
+### `SET_FS_ID`
+This is so that all filesystem checks are done with the user's
+uid/gid and not GlusterFS's uid/gid.
+This macro concatenates the base directory of the posix volume
+('option directory') with the given path.
+### `need_xattr` in lookup
+If this flag is passed, lookup returns a xattr dictionary that contains
+the file's create time, the file's contents, and the version number
+of the file.
+This is a hack to increase small file performance. If an application
+wants to read a small file, it can finish its job with just a lookup
+call instead of a lookup followed by read.
+### `getdents`/`setdents`
+These are used by unify to set and get directory entries.
+### `ALIGN_BUF`
+Macro to align an address to a page boundary (4K).
+### `priv->export_statfs`
+In some cases, two exported volumes may reside on the same
+partition on the server. Sending statvfs info for both
+the volumes will lead to erroneous df output at the client,
+since free space on the partition will be counted twice.
+In such cases, user can disable exporting statvfs info
+on one of the volumes by setting this option.
+### `xattrop`
+This fop is used by replicate to set version numbers on files.
+### `getxattr`/`setxattr` hack to read/write files
+A key, `GLUSTERFS_FILE_CONTENT_STRING`, is handled in a special way by
+`getxattr`/`setxattr`. A getxattr with the key will return the entire
+content of the file as the value. A `setxattr` with the key will write
+the value as the entire content of the file.
+### `posix_checksum`
+This calculates a simple XOR checksum on all entry names in a
+directory that is used by unify to compare directory contents.