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Use tox to satisfy functional test requirements
Instead of installing and polluting the host development system with the required packages to run the functional tests, it is now possible to run the functional tests from inside tox. All the required packages are installed in the tox environment and run from there. The only external dependencies are that the functional tests still must use /etc/swift for configuration files on the host and /mnt/gluster-object must be on a XFS or GlusterFS volume. Change-Id: I4a949dbcad778018e22c61d09ae1ba5f21a03aec Signed-off-by: Luis Pabon <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Peter Portante <> Tested-by: Peter Portante <>
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@@ -12,12 +12,20 @@ changes to Gerrit. Follow the the information given
at [GitHub Generating SSH Keys][] if you need help creating your key.
### Package Requirements
+Type the following to install the required packages:
-#### Fedora 19
-On Fedora 19 systems, type:
+* Ubuntu
-sudo yum install gcc python-devel python-setuptools libffi-devel git rpm-build
+sudo apt-get -y install gcc python-dev python-setuptools libffi-dev \
+ git xfsprogs memcached
+* Fedora 19
+sudo yum install gcc python-devel python-setuptools libffi-devel \
+ git rpm-build xfsprogs memcached
### Git Setup
@@ -51,7 +59,7 @@ It is recommended to use this tool to upload, modify, and query changes in Gerri
The tool can be installed by running the following command:
-sudo pip install git-review
+sudo pip install --upgrade git-review
While many Linux distributions offer a version of `git review`,
@@ -93,7 +101,7 @@ Like OpenStack Swift, Gluster for Swift uses `tox` python virtual
environment for its unit tests. To install `tox` type:
-pip install tox nose
+sudo pip install --upgrade tox nose
## Workflow
@@ -136,28 +144,19 @@ tests are available under the `test/unit` directory.
#### Functional Tests
-##### OpenStack Swift Havana Setup
-Currently, Havana OpenStack Swift is still under development. While
-currently there is no official release for Havana Swift, there is a
-yum repo with multiple Havana Swift RPM development releases available.
-Please refer to the following [README][] file for more information.
##### Executing the tests
-The automated functional tests only run on RPM based systems
-like Fedora/CentOS, etc. To run the functional tests, the following
-requirements must be met.
+To run the functional tests, the following requirements must be met.
1. `/etc/swift` must not exist.
-1. User needs to have `sudo` access; no password necessary
+1. User needs to have `sudo` access
1. `/mnt/gluster-object/test` and `/mnt/gluster-object/test2` directories
must be created on either an XFS or GlusterFS volume.
-1. glusterfs-openstack-swift RPM must not be installed on the system
Once the requirements have been met, you can now run the full functional
tests using the following command:
+tox -e functest
### Commiting changes