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@@ -12,12 +12,20 @@ changes to Gerrit. Follow the the information given
at [GitHub Generating SSH Keys][] if you need help creating your key.
### Package Requirements
+Type the following to install the required packages:
-#### Fedora 19
-On Fedora 19 systems, type:
+* Ubuntu
-sudo yum install gcc python-devel python-setuptools libffi-devel git rpm-build
+sudo apt-get -y install gcc python-dev python-setuptools libffi-dev \
+ git xfsprogs memcached
+* Fedora 19
+sudo yum install gcc python-devel python-setuptools libffi-devel \
+ git rpm-build xfsprogs memcached
### Git Setup
@@ -51,7 +59,7 @@ It is recommended to use this tool to upload, modify, and query changes in Gerri
The tool can be installed by running the following command:
-sudo pip install git-review
+sudo pip install --upgrade git-review
While many Linux distributions offer a version of `git review`,
@@ -93,7 +101,7 @@ Like OpenStack Swift, Gluster for Swift uses `tox` python virtual
environment for its unit tests. To install `tox` type:
-pip install tox nose
+sudo pip install --upgrade tox nose
## Workflow
@@ -136,28 +144,19 @@ tests are available under the `test/unit` directory.
#### Functional Tests
-##### OpenStack Swift Havana Setup
-Currently, Havana OpenStack Swift is still under development. While
-currently there is no official release for Havana Swift, there is a
-yum repo with multiple Havana Swift RPM development releases available.
-Please refer to the following [README][] file for more information.
##### Executing the tests
-The automated functional tests only run on RPM based systems
-like Fedora/CentOS, etc. To run the functional tests, the following
-requirements must be met.
+To run the functional tests, the following requirements must be met.
1. `/etc/swift` must not exist.
-1. User needs to have `sudo` access; no password necessary
+1. User needs to have `sudo` access
1. `/mnt/gluster-object/test` and `/mnt/gluster-object/test2` directories
must be created on either an XFS or GlusterFS volume.
-1. glusterfs-openstack-swift RPM must not be installed on the system
Once the requirements have been met, you can now run the full functional
tests using the following command:
+tox -e functest
### Commiting changes