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Scalability using iozone
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+Clustered mode iozone setup:
+Before continuing reading, please make sure the iozone version is greater
+than 3.394 to run iozone in clustered mode.
+Iozone needs either passwordless rsh or passwordless ssh to be setup to run in
+clustered mode.
+By default, iozone uses rsh. To force iozone to use ssh, the shell variable RSH
+needs to be set to 'ssh'. The command line listed earlier uses this feature.
+Contents of the iconf file used [ iozone cluster mode configuration file]:
+fusion1 /mnt/fioperf /usr/bin/iozone
+fusion1 /mnt/fioperf /usr/bin/iozone
+fusion2 /mnt/fioperf /usr/bin/iozone
+fusion2 /mnt/fioperf /usr/bin/iozone
+fusion3 /mnt/fioperf /usr/bin/iozone
+fusion3 /mnt/fioperf /usr/bin/iozone
+fusion4 /mnt/fioperf /usr/bin/iozone
+fusion4 /mnt/fioperf /usr/bin/iozone
+fusion5 /mnt/fioperf /usr/bin/iozone
+fusion5 /mnt/fioperf /usr/bin/iozone
+[Note that each entry is repeated twice so that two child processes
+could be run on each system.]
+1.When the config file uses IP addresses instead of hostnames,
+iozone fails to proceed. For a successful iozone run in clustered mode,
+one needs to populate the config file with hostnames.
+For name resolution, one could use /etc/hosts.
+2.Even after successfully configuring passwordless rsh/ssh,
+if you are unable to run iozone, make sure you flush firewall rules
+To look at the configured firewall rules, one could use:
+# iptables -L
+To flush the rules, once could use:
+# iptables -F \ No newline at end of file
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+#Example config file
+Engg.client1 /data/perfmount /data/iozone
+Engg.client14 /data/perfmount /data/iozone
+Engg.client15 /data/perfmount /data/iozone
+Engg.client16 /data/perfmount /data/iozone \ No newline at end of file
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+for size in 500m 1g 10g
+ for bs in 16k 32k 64k 128k 256k 512k
+ do
+ echo "Filesize - $size, blksize - $bs"
+ RSH="ssh" iozone -t 4 -i 0 -i 1 -r $bs -s $size -+m iconf -b iozone.$bs-$size.xls
+ sleep 10
+ done