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Adding few more test cases
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+Translator,Testcase,Description,Desired Output
+read-ahead,Create a file and do multiple reads on it
+read-ahead,Large regular file test
+read-ahead,Small link file test
+read-ahead,Large link file test
+quick-read,Small files read
+quick-read,Small file write
+quick-read,Reads larger than quick-read cache-size
+quick-read,Data consistency check
+quick-read,Read files from multiple clients
+quick-read,chmod operation
+quick-read,stat operation
+quick-read,other path based operations
+quick-read, max-file-size option
+io-threads,Ordered operations
+io-cache,Read and re-reading files
+io-cache,Multi-threaded sequential reads
+io-cache,Multi-threaded random reads
+read-ahead,"With 128K page-size, read first page , then into second and read the entire chunk"
+read-ahead,Data consistency check
+read-ahead,Check with very small page-sizes
+read-ahead,Cache consistence in the absence of writes
+read-ahead,Atime update on option
+read-ahead,Random reads test
+read-ahead,Re-read test
+read-ahead,Multiple sequential reads
+read-ahead,Multiple random reads
+read-ahead,Read-reads on the same offset
+write-behind,Write-read-stat on single fd
+write-behind,Multiple reads and writes on a single fd
+write-behind,Writes with cache-size 0
+write-behind,Cache coherency tests
+write-behind,Random writes test
+write-behind,Multiple small writes
+write-behind,Enable Tricking on/off
+write-behind,Varies cache size test
+stat-prefetch,Stat operations \ No newline at end of file
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