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committerSahina Bose <>2014-05-02 02:26:37 -0700
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autoconf: discover volume list and info separately
NRPE doesn't support transfering large junk of data as a result. Hence we have to discover the volume details one by one. First fetch the volume list using 'discover_volume_list' NRPE command then fetch the brick details of volume one by one using 'discover_volume_info' NRPE command Change-Id: I2cd3c2309ffa2f1bf5c271e06dd03ade75bf5d92 Signed-off-by: Ramesh Nachimuthu <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Sahina Bose <>
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diff --git a/plugins/ b/plugins/
index 4edbe3f..bd60ae1 100755
--- a/plugins/
+++ b/plugins/
@@ -56,6 +56,20 @@ def excecNRPECommand(host, command, arguments=None, jsonOutput=True):
return output
+#Discovers volumes info one by one.
+#First it fetches the volumes list and then it fetches the bricks
+#details of volume one by one. Its an work around for size limitation issue
+#in NRPE.
+def discoverVolumes(hostip):
+ resultDict = {'volumes': []}
+ volumeList = excecNRPECommand(hostip, "discover_volume_list")
+ for volumeName in volumeList.keys():
+ volumeDetail = excecNRPECommand(hostip, "discover_volume_info",
+ [volumeName])
+ resultDict['volumes'].append(volumeDetail.get(volumeName))
+ return resultDict
def discoverCluster(hostip, cluster):
This method helps to discover the nodes, volumes and bricks in the given
@@ -72,7 +86,7 @@ def discoverCluster(hostip, cluster):
- Returns cluster details in the following dictinary format
+ Returns cluster details in the following dictionary format
'name': cluster-name,
'volumes': [list-volumes],
@@ -83,7 +97,7 @@ def discoverCluster(hostip, cluster):
clusterdata = {}
#Discover the logical components
- componentlist = excecNRPECommand(hostip, "discoverlogicalcomponents")
+ componentlist = discoverVolumes(hostip)
#Discover the peers
hostlist = excecNRPECommand(hostip, "discoverpeers")
#Add the ip address of the root node given by the user to the peer list