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Fix functional tests
* The order of elements in list returned by listdir() can vary and may not be sorted. This caused assertEqual in "test_listdir" to fail. * Also, some systems may have xattrs belonging to selinux. So, a listxattr can list them too. * Allow hostname/ip and volume name to be configured easily by setting it in test.conf. This enables functional tests to use a non-local volume. * Cleanup volume before and after running functional tests. * Added and LICENSE file Change-Id: Icfa6eb60e8d8e7ed4d6ab8190a2a2c80688999a3 Signed-off-by: Prashanth Pai <>
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### Important Notes:
#### Definining a hostname
-GlusterFS does not allow for specifiyng `localhost` as a valid hostname when creating a volume, so `gfshost` was used in the functional tests. If you use a different hostname when creating the gluster volume, be sure to update the functional tests.
+GlusterFS does not allow for specifiyng `localhost` as a valid hostname when creating a volume. Make sure to set host and volume information in test/test.conf file. The default host is 'gfshost' and default volume name is 'test'.
#### Stopping services
For the purpose of running this test, stop the `firewalld` service and disable `selinux`.