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* [Test] Validate Consistent Time(ctime) featurenchilaka2020-06-051-0/+205
| | | | | | | | | Description: This testcase tests the new xattr glusterfs.mdata attributes when features.ctime is enabled Change-Id: I3c2dd6537f88b6d9da85aa6819c96e1c236a0d61 Signed-off-by: nchilaka <>
* [Test][Bug] Check for consistent timevalues of a created objectnchilaka2020-05-182-0/+130
Test Summary and Steps: This testcase validates if ctime, mtime and atime of a created object is same 1. Create a volume and check if features.ctime is disabled by default 2. Enable features.ctime 3. Create a new directory dir1 and check if m|a|ctimes are same 4. Create a new file file1 and check if m|a|ctimes are same 5. Again create a new file file2 and check if m|a|ctimes are same after issueing an immediate lookup Change-Id: I024c11706a0309806c081c957b9305be92936f7f Signed-off-by: nchilaka <>