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# Release notes for Gluster 3.12.0
-This is a major Gluster release that includes <TBD> ...
+This is a major Gluster release that includes, ability to mount sub-directories,
+further brick multiplexing enhancements, enhancements to gluster get-state CLI,
+ability to resolve GFID split-brain using existing CLI, easier GFID to real path
+mapping, among other changes.
The most notable features and changes are documented on this page. A full list
of bugs that have been addressed is included further below.
## Major changes and features
-**NOTE to contributors: Copy the section below and add details regarding the
-feature that you want to describe, and submit the work for review. See,
-[older release notes]( for inspiration :)**
+### Ability to mount sub-directories using the Gluster FUSE protocol
+**Notes for users:**
-**NOTE: Submit the note with the commit message referencing the github issue #
-for the respective feature, as "Updates: gluster/glusterfs#N"***
+Gluster FUSE mounts, till now, mounted the entire volume on the client. With
+this feature, it is now possible to define which sub-directories can be mounted,
+by which client, and further for the clients to mount only that portion of the
+volume for access.
-### Feature one liner
-Add option to use localtime timestamps in log entries
+This helps sharing a volume among multiple consumers and also restricting their
+access to the sub-directory of choice.
+Option controlling sub-directory allow/deny rules can be set as follows:
+# gluster volume set <volname> auth.allow "/subdir1(192.168.1.*),/(192.168.10.*),/subdir2(192.168.8.*)"
+How to mount from the client:
+# mount -t glusterfs <hostname>:/<volname>/<subdir> /<mount_point>
+# mount -t glusterfs <hostname>:/<volname> -osubdir_mount=<subdir> /<mount_point>
+**Known Issues:**
+### GFID to path conversion is enabled by default
+**Notes for users:**
+Prior to this feature, only when quota was enabled, did the on disk data have
+pointers back from GFID to their respective filenames. As a result, if there
+were a need to locate the path given a GFID, quota had to be enabled.
+The change brought in by this feature, is to enable this on disk data to be
+present, for all cases, than just quota. Further, enhancements here have been
+to improve the manner of storing this information on disk as extended
+The internal on disk xattr that is now stored to reference the filename and
+parent for a GFID is, `trusted.gfid2path.<xxhash>`
+Currently with RC0 this feature is not enabled by default. To enable this
+feature use,
+#gluster volume <volname> set storage.gfid2path
+**Known Issues:**
+### Various enhancements have been made to the output of get-state CLI command
+**Notes for users:**
+The command `#gluster get-state` has been enhanced to output more information
+as below,
+- Arbiter bricks are marked more clearly in a volume that has the feature
+- Ability to get all volume options (both set and defaults) in the get-state
+- Rebalance time estimates, for ongoing rebalance, is captured in the get-state
+- If geo-replication is configured, then get-state now captures the session
+details of the same
+**Known Issues:**
+### Provided an option to set a limit on number of bricks multiplexed in a processes
+**Notes for users:**
+This feature introduces a new global option that can be set to limit the number
+of multiplexed bricks in one process.
+With the current brick multiplexing feature, all bricks are multiplexed into the
+same process. The option, introduced with this feature, lets the user control
+the number of bricks that are multiplexed in a process, on a node.
+More processes are spawned to hold bricks, if the limit set by this option is
+insufficient for a single process. IOW, with this option set, number fo brick
+processes(P) are, P = N/<value>, where (N) is the number of bricks in the node,
+and <value> is the what is set by the *cluster.max-bricks-per-process* option.
+This option is used only if brick multiplexing is enabled for the cluster.
+#gluster volume set all cluster.max-bricks-per-process <value>
+**Known Issues:**
+### Provided an option to use localtime timestamps in log entries
Gluster defaults to UTC timestamps. glusterd, glusterfsd, and server-side
-glusterfs daemons will use UTC until one of a) command line option is
-processed, b) gluster config (/var/lib/glusterd/options) is loaded,
-c) admin manually sets localtime-logging (cluster.localtime-logging, e.g.
-`gluster volume set all cluster.localtime-logging enable`).
+glusterfs daemons will use UTC until one of,
+1. command line option is processed,
+2. gluster config (/var/lib/glusterd/options) is loaded,
+3. admin manually sets localtime-logging (cluster.localtime-logging, e.g.
+`#gluster volume set all cluster.localtime-logging enable`).
There is no mount option to make the FUSE client enable localtime logging.
There is no option in gfapi to enable localtime logging.
+### Enhanced the option to export statfs data for bricks sharing the same backend filesystem
+**Notes for users:**
+In the past 'storage/posix' xlator had an option called option
+`export-statfs-size`, which, when set to 'no', exports zero as values for few
+fields in `struct statvfs`. These are typically reflected in an output of `df`
+command, from a user perspective.
+When backend bricks are shared between multiple brick processes, the values
+of these variables have been corrected to reflect
+`field_value / number-of-bricks-at-node`. Thus enabling better usage reporting
+and also enhancing the ability for file placement in the distribute translator
+when used with the option `min-free-disk`.
**Known Issues:**
-## Major issues
+### Provided a means to resolve GFID split-brain using the gluster CLI
+**Notes for users:**
+The existing CLI commands to heal files under split-brain did not handle cases
+where there was a GFID mismatch between the files. With the provided enhancement
+the same CLI commands can now address GFID split-brain situations based on the
+choices provided.
+The CLI options that are enhanced to help with this situation are,
+volume heal <VOLNAME> split-brain {bigger-file <FILE> |
+ latest-mtime <FILE> |
+ source-brick <HOSTNAME:BRICKNAME> [<FILE>]}
+**Known Issues:**
+### Developer related: Added a 'site.h' for more vendor/company specific defaults
+**Notes for developers:**
+**NOTE**: Also for users building from sources and needing different defaults
+for some options
+Most people consume Gluster in one of two ways:
+* From packages provided by their OS/distribution vendor
+* By building themselves from source
+For the first group it doesn't matter whether configuration is done in a
+configure script, via command-line options to that configure script, or in a
+header file. All of these end up as edits to some file under the packager's
+control, which is then run through their tools and process (e.g. rpmbuild) to
+create the packages that users will install.
+For the second group, convenience matters. Such users might not even have a
+script wrapped around the configure process, and editing one line in a header
+file is a lot easier than editing several in the configure script. This also
+prevents a messy profusion of configure options, dozens of which might need to
+be added to support a single such user's preferences. This comes back around as
+greater simplicity for packagers as well. This patch defines site.h as the
+header file for options and parameters that someone building the code for
+themselves might want to tweak.
+The project ships one version to reflect the developers' guess at the best
+defaults for most users, and sophisticated users with unusual needs can
+override many options at once just by maintaining their own version of that
+file. Further guidelines for how to determine whether an option should go in or site.h are explained within site.h itself.
+### Developer related: Added xxhash library to libglusterfs for required use
+**Notes for developers:**
+Function gf_xxh64_wrapper has been added as a wrapper into libglusterfs for
+consumption by interested developers.
+Reference to code can be found [here](
+### Developer related: glfs_ipc API in libgfapi is removed as a public interface
+**Notes for users:**
+glfs_ipc API was maintained as a public API in the GFAPI libraries. This has
+been removed as a public interface, from this release onwards.
+Any application, written directly to consume gfapi as a means of interfacing
+with Gluster, using the mentioned API, would need to be modified to adapt to
+this change.
+**NOTE:** As of this release there are no known public consumers of this
+## Major issues
+1. Expanding a gluster volume that is sharded may cause file corruption
+ - Sharded volumes are typically used for VM images, if such volumes are
+ expanded or possibly contracted (i.e add/remove bricks and rebalance) there
+ are reports of VM images getting corrupted.
+ - The last known cause for corruption (Bug #1465123) has a fix with this
+ release. As further testing is still in progress, the issue is retained as
+ a major issue.
+ - Status of this bug can be tracked here, #1465123
## Bugs addressed
+Bugs addressed since release-3.11.0 are listed below.
+- [#1047975]( glusterfs/extras: add a convenience script to label (selinux) gluster bricks
+- [#1254002]( [RFE] Have named pthreads for easier debugging
+- [#1318100]( RFE : SELinux translator to support setting SELinux contexts on files in a glusterfs volume
+- [#1318895]( Heal info shows incorrect status
+- [#1326219]( Make Gluster/NFS an optional component
+- [#1356453]( DHT: slow readdirp performance
+- [#1366817]( AFR returns the node uuid of the same node for every file in the replica
+- [#1381970]( GlusterFS Daemon stops working after a longer runtime and higher file workload due to design flaws?
+- [#1400924]( [RFE] Rsync flags for performance improvements
+- [#1402406]( Client stale file handle error in dht-linkfile.c under SPEC SFS 2014 VDA workload
+- [#1414242]( [whql][virtio-block+glusterfs]"Disk Stress" and "Disk Verification" job always failed on win7-32/win2012/win2k8R2 guest
+- [#1421938]( systemic testing: seeing lot of ping time outs which would lead to splitbrains
+- [#1424817]( Fix wrong operators, found by coverty
+- [#1428061]( Halo Replication feature for AFR translator
+- [#1428673]( possible repeatedly recursive healing of same file with background heal not happening when IO is going on
+- [#1430608]( [RFE] Pass slave volume in geo-rep as read-only
+- [#1431908]( Enabling parallel-readdir causes dht linkto files to be visible on the mount,
+- [#1433906]( quota: limit-usage command failed with error " Failed to start aux mount"
+- [#1437748]( Spacing issue in fix-layout status output
+- [#1438966]( Multiple bricks WILL crash after TCP port probing
+- [#1439068]( Segmentation fault when creating a qcow2 with qemu-img
+- [#1442569]( Implement Negative lookup cache feature to improve create performance
+- [#1442788]( Cleanup timer wheel in glfs_fini()
+- [#1442950]( RFE: Enhance handleops readdirplus operation to return handles along with dirents
+- [#1444596]( [Brick Multiplexing] : Bricks for multiple volumes going down after glusterd restart and not coming back up after volume start force
+- [#1445609]( [perf-xlators/write-behind] write-behind-window-size could be set greater than its allowed MAX value 1073741824
+- [#1446172]( Brick Multiplexing :- resetting a brick bring down other bricks with same PID
+- [#1446362]( cli xml status of detach tier broken
+- [#1446412]( error-gen don't need to convert error string to int in every fop
+- [#1446516]( [Parallel Readdir] : Mounts fail when performance.parallel-readdir is set to "off"
+- [#1447116]( gfapi exports non-existing glfs_upcall_inode_get_event symbol
+- [#1447266]( [snapshot cifs]ls on .snaps directory is throwing input/output error over cifs mount
+- [#1447389]( Brick Multiplexing: seeing Input/Output Error for .trashcan
+- [#1447609]( server: fd should be refed before put into fdtable
+- [#1447630]( Don't allow rebalance/fix-layout operation on sharding enabled volumes till dht+sharding bugs are fixed
+- [#1447826]( potential endless loop in function glusterfs_graph_validate_options
+- [#1447828]( Should use dict_set_uint64 to set fd->pid when dump fd's info to dict
+- [#1447953]( Remove inadvertently merged IPv6 code
+- [#1447960]( [Tiering]: High and low watermark values when set to the same level, is allowed
+- [#1447966]( 'make cscope' fails on a clean tree due to missing generated XDR files
+- [#1448150]( USS: stale snap entries are seen when activation/deactivation performed during one of the glusterd's unavailability
+- [#1448265]( use common function iov_length to instead of duplicate code
+- [#1448293]( Implement FALLOCATE FOP for EC
+- [#1448299]( Mismatch in checksum of the image file after copying to a new image file
+- [#1448364]( limited throughput with disperse volume over small number of bricks
+- [#1448640]( Seeing error "Failed to get the total number of files. Unable to estimate time to complete rebalance" in rebalance logs
+- [#1448692]( use GF_ATOMIC to generate callid
+- [#1448804]( afr: include quorum type and count when dumping afr priv
+- [#1448914]( [geo-rep]: extended attributes are not synced if the entry and extended attributes are done within changelog roleover/or entry sync
+- [#1449008]( remove useless options from glusterd's volume set table
+- [#1449232]( race condition between client_ctx_get and client_ctx_set
+- [#1449329]( When either killing or restarting a brick with performance.stat-prefetch on, stat sometimes returns a bad st_size value.
+- [#1449348]( disperse seek does not correctly handle the end of file
+- [#1449495]( glfsheal: crashed(segfault) with disperse volume in RDMA
+- [#1449610]( [New] - Replacing an arbiter brick while I/O happens causes vm pause
+- [#1450010]( [gluster-block]:Need a volume group profile option for gluster-block volume to add necessary options to be added.
+- [#1450559]( Error socket_poller XX.XX.XX.XX:YYY failed (Input/output error) during any volume operation
+- [#1450630]( [brick multiplexing] detach a brick if posix health check thread complaints about underlying brick
+- [#1450730]( Add tests/basic/afr/gfid-mismatch-resolution-with-fav-child-policy.t to bad tests
+- [#1450975]( Fix on demand file migration from client
+- [#1451083]( crash in dht_rmdir_do
+- [#1451162]( dht: Make throttle option "normal" value uniform across dht_init and dht_reconfigure
+- [#1451248]( Brick Multiplexing: On reboot of a node Brick multiplexing feature lost on that node as multiple brick processes get spawned
+- [#1451588]( [geo-rep + nl]: Multiple crashes observed on slave with "nlc_lookup_cbk"
+- [#1451724]( glusterfind pre crashes with "UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode" error when the `--no-encode` is used
+- [#1452006]( tierd listens to a port.
+- [#1452084]( [Ganesha] : Stale linkto files after unsuccessfuly hardlinks
+- [#1452102]( [DHt] : segfault in dht_selfheal_dir_setattr while running regressions
+- [#1452378]( Cleanup unnecessary logs in fix_quorum_options
+- [#1452527]( Shared volume doesn't get mounted on few nodes after rebooting all nodes in cluster.
+- [#1452956]( glusterd on a node crashed after running volume profile command
+- [#1453151]( [RFE] glusterfind: add --end-time and --field-separator options
+- [#1453977]( Brick Multiplexing: Deleting brick directories of the base volume must gracefully detach from glusterfsd without impacting other volumes IO(currently seeing transport end point error)
+- [#1454317]( [Bitrot]: Brick process crash observed while trying to recover a bad file in disperse volume
+- [#1454375]( ignore incorrect uuid validation in gd_validate_mgmt_hndsk_req
+- [#1454418]( Glusterd segmentation fault in ' _Unwind_Backtrace' while running peer probe
+- [#1454701]( DHT: Pass errno as an argument to gf_msg
+- [#1454865]( [Brick Multiplexing] heal info shows the status of the bricks as "Transport endpoint is not connected" though bricks are up
+- [#1454872]( [Geo-rep]: Make changelog batch size configurable
+- [#1455049]( [GNFS+EC] Unable to release the lock when the other client tries to acquire the lock on the same file
+- [#1455104]( dht: dht self heal fails with no hashed subvol error
+- [#1455179]( [Geo-rep]: Log time taken to sync entry ops, metadata ops and data ops for each batch
+- [#1455301]( gluster-block is not working as expected when shard is enabled
+- [#1455559]( [Geo-rep]: METADATA errors are seen even though everything is in sync
+- [#1455831]( libglusterfs: updates old comment for 'arena_size'
+- [#1456361]( DHT : for many operation directory/file path is '(null)' in brick log
+- [#1456385]( glusterfs client crash on
+- [#1456405]( Brick Multiplexing:dmesg shows request_sock_TCP: Possible SYN flooding on port 49152 and memory related backtraces
+- [#1456582]( "split-brain observed [Input/output error]" error messages in samba logs during parallel rm -rf
+- [#1456653]( nlc_lookup_cbk floods logs
+- [#1456898]( Regression test for add-brick failing with brick multiplexing enabled
+- [#1457202]( Use of force with volume start, creates brick directory even it is not present
+- [#1457808]( all: spelling errors (debian package maintainer)
+- [#1457812]( extras/hook-scripts: non-portable shell syntax (debian package maintainer)
+- [#1457981]( client fails to connect to the brick due to an incorrect port reported back by glusterd
+- [#1457985]( Rebalance estimate time sometimes shows negative values
+- [#1458127]( Upcall missing invalidations
+- [#1458193]( Implement seek() fop in trace translator
+- [#1458197]( io-stats usability/performance statistics enhancements
+- [#1458539]( [Negative Lookup]: negative lookup features doesn't seem to work on restart of volume
+- [#1458582]( add all as volume option in gluster volume get usage
+- [#1458768]( [Perf] 35% drop in small file creates on smbv3 on *2
+- [#1459402]( brick process crashes while running bug-1432542-mpx-restart-crash.t in a loop
+- [#1459530]( [RFE] Need a way to resolve gfid split brains
+- [#1459620]( [geo-rep]: Worker crashed with TypeError: expected string or buffer
+- [#1459781]( Brick Multiplexing:Even clean Deleting of the brick directories of base volume is resulting in posix health check errors(just as we see in ungraceful delete methods)
+- [#1459971]( posix-acl: Whitelist virtual ACL xattrs
+- [#1460225]( Not cleaning up stale socket file is resulting in spamming glusterd logs with warnings of "got disconnect from stale rpc"
+- [#1460514]( [Ganesha] : Ganesha crashes while cluster enters failover/failback mode
+- [#1460585]( Revert CLI restrictions on running rebalance in VM store use case
+- [#1460638]( ec-data-heal.t fails with brick mux enabled
+- [#1460659]( Avoid one extra call of l(get|list)xattr system call after use buffer in posix_getxattr
+- [#1461129]( malformed cluster.server-quorum-ratio setting can lead to split brain
+- [#1461648]( Update GlusterFS README
+- [#1461655]( glusterd crashes when statedump is taken
+- [#1461792]( lk fop succeeds even when lock is not acquired on at least quorum number of bricks
+- [#1461845]( [Bitrot]: Inconsistency seen with 'scrub ondemand' - fails to trigger scrub
+- [#1462200]( glusterd status showing failed when it's stopped in RHEL7
+- [#1462241]( glusterfind: syntax error due to uninitialized variable 'end'
+- [#1462790]( with AFR now making both nodes to return UUID for a file will result in georep consuming more resources
+- [#1463178]( [Ganesha]Bricks got crashed while running posix compliance test suit on V4 mount
+- [#1463365]( Changes for Maintainers 2.0
+- [#1463648]( Use GF_XATTR_LIST_NODE_UUIDS_KEY to figure out local subvols
+- [#1464072]( cns-brick-multiplexing: brick process fails to restart after gluster pod failure
+- [#1464091]( Regression: Heal info takes longer time when a brick is down
+- [#1464110]( [Scale] : Rebalance ETA (towards the end) may be inaccurate,even on a moderately large data set.
+- [#1464327]( glusterfs client crashes when reading large directory
+- [#1464359]( selfheal deamon cpu consumption not reducing when IOs are going on and all redundant bricks are brought down one after another
+- [#1465024]( glusterfind: DELETE path needs to be unquoted before further processing
+- [#1465075]( Fd based fops fail with EBADF on file migration
+- [#1465214]( build failed with GF_DISABLE_MEMPOOL
+- [#1465559]( multiple brick processes seen on gluster(fs)d restart in brick multiplexing
+- [#1466037]( Fuse mount crashed with continuous dd on a file and reading the file in parallel
+- [#1466110]( dht_rename_lock_cbk crashes in upstream regression test
+- [#1466188]( Add scripts to analyze quota xattr in backend and identify accounting issues
+- [#1466785]( assorted typos and spelling mistakes from Debian lintian
+- [#1467209]( [Scale] : Rebalance ETA shows the initial estimate to be ~140 days,finishes within 18 hours though.
+- [#1467277]( [GSS] [RFE] add documentation on --xml and --mode=script options to gluster interactive help and man pages
+- [#1467313]( cthon04 can cause segfault in gNFS/NLM
+- [#1467513]( CIFS:[USS]: .snaps is not accessible from the CIFS client after volume stop/start
+- [#1467718]( [Geo-rep]: entry failed to sync to slave with ENOENT errror
+- [#1467841]( gluster volume status --xml fails when there are 100 volumes
+- [#1467986]( possible memory leak in glusterfsd with multiplexing
+- [#1468191]( Enable stat-prefetch in group virt
+- [#1468261]( Regression: non-disruptive(in-service) upgrade on EC volume fails
+- [#1468279]( metadata heal not happening despite having an active sink
+- [#1468291]( NFS Sub directory is getting mounted on solaris 10 even when the permission is restricted in nfs.export-dir volume option
+- [#1468432]( tests: fix stats-dump.t failure
+- [#1468433]( rpc: include current second in timed out frame cleanup on client
+- [#1468863]( Assert in mem_pools_fini during libgfapi-fini-hang.t on NetBSD
+- [#1469029]( Rebalance hangs on remove-brick if the target volume changes
+- [#1469179]( invoke with strict
+- [#1469964]( cluster/dht: Fix hardlink migration failures
+- [#1470170]( mem-pool: mem_pool_fini() doesn't release entire memory allocated
+- [#1470220]( glusterfs process leaking memory when error occurs
+- [#1470489]( bulk removexattr shouldn't allow removal of trusted.gfid/trusted.glusterfs.volume-id
+- [#1470533]( Brick Mux Setup: brick processes(glusterfsd) crash after a restart of volume which was preceded with some actions
+- [#1470768]( file /usr/lib64/glusterfs/3.12dev/xlator is not owned by any package
+- [#1471790]( [Brick Multiplexing] : cluster.brick-multiplex has no description.
+- [#1472094]( Test script failing with brick multiplexing enabled
+- [#1472250]( Remove fop_enum_to_string, get_fop_int usage in libglusterfs
+- [#1472417]( No clear method to multiplex all bricks to one process(glusterfsd) with cluster.max-bricks-per-process option
+- [#1472949]( [distribute] crashes seen upon rmdirs
+- [#1475181]( dht remove-brick status does not indicate failures files not migrated because of a lack of space
+- [#1475192]( [Scale] : Rebalance ETA shows the initial estimate to be ~140 days,finishes within 18 hours though.
+- [#1475258]( [Geo-rep]: Geo-rep hangs in changelog mode
+- [#1475399]( Rebalance estimate time sometimes shows negative values
+- [#1475635]( [Scale] : Client logs flooded with "inode context is NULL" error messages
+- [#1475641]( gluster core dump due to assert failed GF_ASSERT (brick_index < wordcount);
+- [#1475662]( [Scale] : Rebalance Logs are bulky.
+- [#1476109]( Brick Multiplexing: Brick process crashed at changetimerecorder(ctr) translator when restarting volumes
+- [#1476208]( [geo-rep]: few of the self healed hardlinks on master did not sync to slave
+- [#1476653]( cassandra fails on gluster-block with both replicate and ec volumes
+- [#1476654]( gluster-block default shard-size should be 64MB
+- [#1476819]( scripts: invalid test in
+- [#1476863]( packaging: /var/lib/glusterd/options should be %config(noreplace)
+- [#1476868]( [EC]: md5sum mismatches every time for a file from the fuse client on EC volume
+- [#1477152]( [Remove-brick] Few files are getting migrated eventhough the bricks crossed cluster.min-free-disk value
+- [#1477190]( [GNFS] GNFS got crashed while mounting volume on solaris client
+- [#1477381]( Revert experimental and 4.0 features to prepare for 3.12 release
+- [#1477405]( eager-lock should be off for cassandra to work at the moment
+- [#1477994]( [Ganesha] : Ganesha crashes while cluster enters failover/failback mode
+- [#1478276]( separating attach tier and add brick