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This enables better performance as the data is served from the kernel page cache
where possible.
+#### 6. Changes to gluster based SMB share management
+Previously all GlusterFS volumes were being exported by default via smb.conf in
+a Samba-CTDB setup. This includes creating a share section for CTDB lock volume
+too which is not recommended. Along with few syntactical errors these scripts
+failed to execute in a non-Samba setup in the absence of necessary configuration
+and binary files.
+Hereafter newly created GlusterFS volumes are not exported as SMB share via
+Samba unless either of 'user.cifs' or 'user.smb' volume set options are enabled
+on the volume. The existing GlusterFS volume share sections in smb.conf will
+remain unchanged.
### Developer
#### 1. Gluster code can be compiled and executed using [TSAN](