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WORM/Retention Translator: Implementation of file level WORM
To activate the file level worm feature, the and features.worm options should be switched "off" on the volume and the features.worm-file-level should be switched "on". Both read-only and worm or worm-file-level cannot be switched "on" together. The files which are created when the worm-file-level option is set on the volume will have their own retention profile. If both worm and worm-file-level are "on" at that time the worm which is the volume level worm will have priority over file level worm. If worm-file level is switched "off" after some time and the read-only option is switched "on" then read-only will have priority. The current implementation allows the users to manually transmit a file to a WORM-Retained state by removing all the write bits of the file using the chmod command. The file will have a retention profile which contains the state of the file, mode of retention, and the default retention time. The file will be made WORM-Retained for a default of 120 seconds during which it will be immutable and undeletable and it sets the atime of the file to the time till which it is retained. After that period if any fop request comes for that file, will make the transition from WORM-Retained state to WORM state, where the file will be immutable but deletable and, it will reset the atime to the actual atime of the file. If a WORM file needs to be made undeletable again, it can be done by using the chmod command with all the write bits removed. There are two modes of retention: 1. Relax: where the retention time of a WORM-Retained file can be increased or decreased. 2. Enterprise: where the retention time of a WORM-Retained file can be increased but not be decreased. Whenever a utime change(touch -a, -t, ...)request comes for a file it checks the mode of retention before setting the utimes. This is done only if the file is WORM-Retained but for a WORM file it will change the utimes. Lazy auto commit: Whenever a file gets created it will store the creation time of the file or if a file already exists then any of the next unlink, link, truncate or rename fops will set the current time as the start time in an xattr. The next rename/unlink/truncate/link call will check for the auto commit period and if is is expired, then it will automatically do the state transition. If it is a normal file then it gets converted to WORM-Retained state. If it is a WORM-Retained file and its retention period is expired, then it gets converted to WORM state. Added the volume set options for the WORM translator. It allows the users to change the default values of auto-commit-period, default-retention-period, retention-mode. To make use of the file-level WORM first we have to set the 'worm-file' option to 'on'. The files which are created when the worm-file option is set on the volume will get WORM-Retained. Other files will work as usual and will not be WORMed. The auto-commit-period, retention-mode, and the default-retention-period values for the file will be set to the values which are set on the volume when the file is created. Added the tests to check the basic functionalities of the WORM/Retention feature. Change-Id: I77bd9777f9395a944d76b5cc35a5b48a3c14d148 BUG: 1326308 Signed-off-by: karthik-us <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Niels de Vos <> Smoke: Gluster Build System <> NetBSD-regression: NetBSD Build System <> CentOS-regression: Gluster Build System <>
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