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authorHuangShujun <>2019-12-05 10:07:10 +0200
committerhari gowtham <>2020-02-11 08:27:55 +0000
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To fix readdir-ahead memory leak
Glusterfs client process has memory leak if create serveral files under one folder, and delete the folder. According to statedump, the ref counts of readdir-ahead is bigger than zero in the inode table. Readdir-ahead get parent inode by inode_parent in rda_mark_inode_dirty when each rda_writev_cbk,the inode ref count of parent folder will be increased in inode_parent, but readdir-ahead do not unref it later. The correction is unref the parent inode at the end of rda_mark_inode_dirty Backport of: > Change-Id: Iee68ab1089cbc2fbc4185b93720fb1f66ee89524 > Fixes: bz#1779055 > Signed-off-by: HuangShujun <> Change-Id: Iee68ab1089cbc2fbc4185b93720fb1f66ee89524 (cherry picked from commit 99044a5cedcff9a9eec40a07ecb32bd66271cd02) Signed-off-by: Krutika Dhananjay <> Fixes: bz#1789337
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diff --git a/xlators/performance/readdir-ahead/src/readdir-ahead.c b/xlators/performance/readdir-ahead/src/readdir-ahead.c
index 7fd4f8d0618..933941d8a92 100644
--- a/xlators/performance/readdir-ahead/src/readdir-ahead.c
+++ b/xlators/performance/readdir-ahead/src/readdir-ahead.c
@@ -254,6 +254,7 @@ rda_mark_inode_dirty(xlator_t *this, inode_t *inode)
+ inode_unref(parent);