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cluster/thin-arbiter: Wait for TA connection before ta-file lookup
Problem: When we mount a ta volume, as soon as 2 data bricks are connected we consider that the mount is done and then send a lookup/create on ta file on ta node. However, this connection with ta node might not have been completed. Due to this delay, ta replica id file will not be created and we will see ENOTCONN error in log file if we do lookup. Solution: As we know that this ta node could have a higher latency, we should wait for reasonable time for connection to happen before sending lookup/create on replica id file. fixes: bz#1804546 Change-Id: I36f90865afe617e4e84cee57fec832a16f5dd6cc (cherry picked from commit a7fa54ddea3fe429f143b37e4de06a93b49d776a)
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