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features/quota : Introducing inode quota
========================================================================== Inode quota ========================================================================== = Currently, the only way to retrieve the number of files/objects in a = = directory or volume is to do a crawl of the entire directory/volume. = = This is expensive and is not scalable. = = = = The proposed mechanism will provide an easier alternative to determine = = the count of files/objects in a directory or volume. = = = = The new mechanism proposes to store count of objects/files as part of = = an extended attribute of a directory. Each directory's extended = = attribute value will indicate the number of files/objects present = = in a tree with the directory being considered as the root of the tree. = = = = The count value can be accessed by performing a getxattr(). = = Cluster translators like afr, dht and stripe will perform aggregation = = of count values from various bricks when getxattr() happens on the key = = associated with file/object count. = A new interface is introduced: ------------------------------ limit-objects : limit the number of inodes at directory level list-objects : list the directories where the limit is set remove-objects : remove the limit from the directory ========================================================================== CLI COMMAND: gluster volume quota <volname> limit-objects <path> <number> [<percent>] * <number> is a hard-limit for number of objects limitation for path "<path>" If hard-limit is exceeded, creation of file/directory is no longer permitted. * <percent> is a soft-limit for number of objects creation for path "<path>" If soft-limit is exceeded, a warning is issued for each creation. CLI COMMAND: gluster volume quota <volname> remove-objects [path] ========================================================================== CLI COMMAND: gluster volume quota <volname> list-objects [path] ... Sample output: ------------------ Path Hard-limit Soft-limit Used Available Soft-limit exceeded? Hard-limit exceeded? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------- /dir 10 80% 10 0 Yes Yes ========================================================================== [root@snapshot-28 dir]# ls a b file11 file12 file13 file14 file15 file16 file17 [root@snapshot-28 dir]# touch a1 touch: cannot touch `a1': Disk quota exceeded * Nine files are created in directory "dir" and directory is included in * the count too. Hence the limit "10" is reached and further file creation fails ========================================================================== Note: We have also done some re-factoring in cli for volume name validation. New function cli_validate_volname is created ========================================================================== Change-Id: I1823497de4f790a2a20ebb1770293472ea33ee2b BUG: 1190108 Signed-off-by: Sachin Pandit <> Signed-off-by: vmallika <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Vijay Bellur <>
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