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doc/admin-guide: BitRot command line usage
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- subvolumes
This option lists the subvolumes that are part of this 'cluster/nufa' volume. This translator requires more than one subvolume.
+<a name="bitrot-detection" />
+##BitRot Detection
+With BitRot detection in Gluster, it's possible to identify "insidious" type of disk
+errors where data is silently corrupted with no indication from the disk to the storage
+software layer than an error has occured. This also helps in catching "backend" tinkering
+of bricks (where data is directly manipulated on the bricks without going through FUSE,
+NFS or any other access protocol(s).
+BitRot detection is disbled by default and needs to be enabled to make use of other
+1. To enable bitrot detection for a given volume <VOLNAME>:
+ `# gluster volume bitrot <VOLNAME> enable`
+ and similarly to disable bitrot use:
+ `# gluster volume bitrot <VOLNAME> disable`
+NOTE: Enabling bitrot spanws the Signer & Scrubber daemon per node. Signer is responsible
+ for signing (calculating checksum for each file) an object and scrubber verifies the
+ calculated checksum against the objects data.
+2. Scrubber daemon has three (3) throttling modes that adjusts the rate at which objects
+ are verified.
+ `# volume bitrot <VOLNAME> scrub-throttle lazy`
+ `# volume bitrot <VOLNAME> scrub-throttle normal`
+ `# volume bitrot <VOLNAME> scrub-throttle aggressive`
+3. By default scrubber scrubs the filesystem biweekly. It's possible to tune it to scrub
+ based on predefined frequency such as monthly, etc. This can be done as shown below:
+ `# volume bitrot <VOLNAME> scrub-frequency daily`
+ `# volume bitrot <VOLNAME> scrub-frequency weekly`
+ `# volume bitrot <VOLNAME> scrub-frequency biweekly`
+ `# volume bitrot <VOLNAME> scrub-frequency monthly`
+NOTE: Daily scrubbing would not be available with GA release.
+4. Scrubber daemon can be paused and later resumed when required. This can be done as
+ shown below:
+ `# volume bitrot <VOLNAME> scrub pause`
+and to resume scrubbing
+ `# volume bitrot <VOLNAME> scrub resume`
+NOTE: Signing cannot be paused (and resumed) and would always be active as long as
+ bitrot is enabled for that particular volume.