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gfapi: backport handles to 3.4 for nfs-ganeshav3.4.2qa2
nfs-ganesha-2.0 will ship shortly. It depends on the gfapi handle support, which won't otherwise be released until 3.5 sometime in 2014. Change-Id: I104d6fb275bb2c710790340fdc7d998446403026 Signed-off-by: Kaleb S. KEITHLEY <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Shyamsundar Ranganathan <> Reviewed-by: Vijay Bellur <>
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+ Copyright (c) 2013 Red Hat, Inc. <>
+ This file is part of GlusterFS.
+ This file is licensed to you under your choice of the GNU Lesser
+ General Public License, version 3 or any later version (LGPLv3 or
+ later), or the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPLv2), in all
+ cases as published by the Free Software Foundation.
+#ifndef _GLFS_HANDLES_H
+#define _GLFS_HANDLES_H
+#include "glfs.h"
+ *
+ * The following APIs are introduced to provide an API framework that can work
+ * with gluster objects (files and directories), instead of absolute paths.
+ *
+ * The following API set can be related to the POSIX *at interfaces (like
+ * openat (2)). The intention of these APIs is to be able to operate based
+ * on parent object and looking up or creating child objects within, OR to be
+ * used on the actual object thus looked up or created, and retrieve information
+ * regarding the same.
+ *
+ * The APIs also provide for generating an opaque invariant handle to the
+ * object, that can later be used to lookup the object, instead of the regular
+ * glfs_h_* variants. The APIs that provide this behaviour are,
+ * glfs_h_extract_handle and glfs_h_create_from_handle.
+ *
+ * The object handles can be transitioned to fd based operations as supported
+ * by glfs.h calls, using the glfs_h_open call. This provides a way to move
+ * from objects to fd's akin to moving from path to fd for required operations.
+ *
+ * NOTE: The opaque invariant handle is the GFID of the object in reality, but
+ * maintained as an opaque data value, for potential internal changes to the
+ * same without impacting the caller.
+ *
+ * NOTE: Currently looking up an object can create multiple object handles to
+ * the same, i.e distinct glfs_object *. Hence each such looked up or received
+ * handle from other calls, would need to be closed. In the future, for a given
+ * object these pointers would be the same, and an ease of use API to forget all
+ * instances of this bject would be provided (instead of a per lookup close).
+ * This should not change the APIs in their current form.
+ *
+ */
+/* Values for valid falgs to be used when using XXXsetattr, to set multiple
+ attribute values passed via the related stat structure.
+ */
+#define GFAPI_SET_ATTR_MODE 0x1
+#define GFAPI_SET_ATTR_UID 0x2
+#define GFAPI_SET_ATTR_GID 0x4
+#define GFAPI_SET_ATTR_SIZE 0x8
+#define GFAPI_SET_ATTR_ATIME 0x10
+#define GFAPI_SET_ATTR_MTIME 0x20
+/* Handle length for object handles returned from glfs_h_extract_handle or
+ * glfs_h_create_from_handle */
+ * Notes:
+ *
+ * The file object handle. One per looked up, created file/directory
+ *
+ * This had been introduced to facilitate gfid/inode based gfapi
+ * - a requirement introduced by nfs-ganesha
+ */
+struct glfs_object;
+typedef struct glfs_object glfs_object_t;
+/* Handle based operations */
+/* Operations that generate handles */
+struct glfs_object *glfs_h_lookupat (struct glfs *fs,
+ struct glfs_object *parent,
+ const char *path, struct stat *stat);
+struct glfs_object *glfs_h_creat (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *parent,
+ const char *path, int flags, mode_t mode,
+ struct stat *sb);
+struct glfs_object *glfs_h_mkdir (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *parent,
+ const char *path, mode_t flags,
+ struct stat *sb);
+struct glfs_object *glfs_h_mknod (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *parent,
+ const char *path, mode_t mode, dev_t dev,
+ struct stat *sb);
+struct glfs_object *glfs_h_symlink (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *parent,
+ const char *name, const char *data,
+ struct stat *stat);
+/* Operations on the actual objects */
+int glfs_h_unlink (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *parent,
+ const char *path);
+int glfs_h_close (struct glfs_object *object);
+int glfs_caller_specific_init (void *uid_caller_key, void *gid_caller_key,
+ void *future);
+int glfs_h_truncate (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *object, off_t offset);
+int glfs_h_stat(struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *object, struct stat *stat);
+int glfs_h_getattrs (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *object,
+ struct stat *stat);
+int glfs_h_setattrs (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *object,
+ struct stat *sb, int valid);
+int glfs_h_readlink (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *object, char *buf,
+ size_t bufsiz);
+int glfs_h_link (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *linktgt,
+ struct glfs_object *parent, const char *name);
+int glfs_h_rename (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *olddir,
+ const char *oldname, struct glfs_object *newdir,
+ const char *newname);
+/* Operations enabling opaque invariant handle to object transitions */
+ssize_t glfs_h_extract_handle (struct glfs_object *object,
+ unsigned char *handle, int len);
+struct glfs_object *glfs_h_create_from_handle (struct glfs *fs,
+ unsigned char *handle, int len,
+ struct stat *stat);
+/* Operations enabling object handles to fd transitions */
+struct glfs_fd *glfs_h_opendir (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *object);
+struct glfs_fd *glfs_h_open (struct glfs *fs, struct glfs_object *object,
+ int flags);
+#endif /* !_GLFS_HANDLES_H */ \ No newline at end of file