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doc: Updated release notes with details about brick multiplexingv3.10.0rc0
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### Brick multiplexing
*Notes for users:*
+Multiplexing reduces both port and memory usage. It does *not* improve
+performance vs. non-multiplexing except when memory is the limiting factor,
+though there are other related changes that improve performance overall (e.g.
+compared to 3.9).
+Multiplexing is off by default. It can be enabled with
+# gluster volume set all cluster.brick-multiplex on
+There are currently no tuning options for multiplexing - it's all or nothing.
+This will change in the near future.
*Known Issues:*
+The only feature or combination of features known not to work with multiplexing
+is USS and SSL. Anyone using that combination should leave multiplexing off.
### Support to display op-version information from clients
*Notes for users:*