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+# Release notes for Gluster 3.8.3
+This is a bugfix release. The [Release Notes for 3.8.0](,
+[3.8.1]( and [3.8.2]( contain a listing of all the new
+features that were added and bugs fixed in the GlusterFS 3.8 stable release.
+## Out of Order release to address a severe usability regression
+Due to a major regression that was not caught and reported by any of the
+testing that has been performed, this release is done outside of the normal
+The main reason to release 3.8.3 earlier than planned is to fix [bug
+> On restarting GlusterD or rebooting a GlusterFS server, only the bricks of
+> the first volume get started. The bricks of the remaining volumes are not
+> started. This is a regression caused by a change in GlusterFS-3.8.2.
+> This regression breaks automatic start of volumes on rebooting servers, and
+> leaves the volumes inoperable. GlusterFS volumes could be left in an
+> inoperable state after upgrading to 3.8.2, as upgrading involves restarting
+> GlusterD.
+> Users can forcefully start the remaining volumes, by doing running the
+> `gluster volume start <name> force` command.
+## Bugs addressed
+A total of 24 patches have been merged, addressing 21 bugs:
+- [#1357767]( Wrong XML output for Volume Options
+- [#1362540]( glfs_fini() crashes with SIGSEGV
+- [#1364382]( RFE:nfs-ganesha:prompt the nfs-ganesha disable cli to let user provide "yes or no" option
+- [#1365734]( Mem leak in meta_default_readv in meta xlators
+- [#1365742]( inode leak in brick process
+- [#1365756]( [SSL] : gluster v set help does not show ssl options
+- [#1365821]( IO ERROR when multiple graph switches
+- [#1365864]( gfapi: use const qualifier for glfs_*timens()
+- [#1365879]( [libgfchangelog]: If changelogs are not available for the requested time range, no proper error message
+- [#1366281]( glfs_truncate missing
+- [#1366440]( [AFR]: Files not available in the mount point after converting Distributed volume type to Replicated one.
+- [#1366482]( SAMBA-DHT : Crash seen while rename operations in cifs mount and windows access of share mount
+- [#1366489]( "heal info --xml" not showing the brick name of offline bricks.
+- [#1366813]( Second gluster volume is offline after daemon restart or server reboot
+- [#1367272]( [HC]: After bringing down and up of the bricks VM's are getting paused
+- [#1367297]( Error and warning messages related to xlator/features/ adding up to the client log on performing IO operations
+- [#1367363]( Log EEXIST errors at DEBUG level
+- [#1368053]( [geo-rep] Stopped geo-rep session gets started automatically once all the master nodes are upgraded
+- [#1368423]( core: use <sys/sysmacros.h> for makedev(3), major(3), minor(3)
+- [#1368738]( gfapi-trunc test shouldn't be .t