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* glusterd/snapshot : Update the parent volume name of snap during restore.Sachin Pandit2014-01-151-0/+1
* Snapshot: Minor change to fix last merge conflictRajesh Joseph2014-01-152-1/+1
* Merge "glusterd: Keeping snapshot delete error messages consistent with that ...Rajesh Joseph2014-01-151-7/+8
| * glusterd: Keeping snapshot delete error messages consistent with that of vol ...Avra Sengupta2014-01-151-7/+8
* | Snapshot: Gluster snapshot restore featureRajesh Joseph2014-01-157-247/+737
* glusterd/snapshot : Making CG Name persistent and handle Snap Description Issue.Sachin Pandit2014-01-133-11/+55
* glusterd: Pass generated snap-name/cg-name to cli.Avra Sengupta2014-01-092-9/+53
* glusterd/multiple volume locks: Fix for lock requests received in synctasked ...Avra Sengupta2014-01-092-30/+48
* glusterd/snapshot: Updating snapshot options during glusterd-handshake.Avra Sengupta2014-01-092-5/+91
* glusterd/snapshot: Defining snap-max-soft-limit as a percentage of snap-max-h...Avra Sengupta2014-01-074-131/+297
* glusterd/snapshot: Introducing snap-max-hard-limit and snap-max-soft-limitAvra Sengupta2014-01-066-240/+347
* glusterd/snapshot : Fix for CG ID and Name not getting displayed.Sachin Pandit2014-01-061-6/+28
* glusterd/snapshot : Making snap uuid same across different nodes.Sachin Pandit2014-01-061-3/+1
* glusterd/snapshot: Fixing glusterd_do_quorum_action to start snap bricks for ...Avra Sengupta2013-12-171-7/+29
* glusterd/snapshot: Fix for cksum mismatches at snap create.Avra Sengupta2013-12-173-11/+84
* cli/glusterd: implement the snap and cg delete functionalitiesRaghavendra Bhat2013-12-125-59/+987
* mgmt/glusterd: snapshot related cleanupRaghavendra Bhat2013-12-122-24/+47
* glusterd/snapshot: Fix Displaying Port, Online Status and Pid for snap vols i...Avra Sengupta2013-12-105-2/+36
* glusterd/snap: Fix for socket connect failures on brick startAvra Sengupta2013-12-102-33/+34
* mgmt/glusterd: set the snap count properly while restoringRaghavendra Bhat2013-12-031-2/+3
* glusterd/snapshot: Fixes for cg name space collisionsAvra Sengupta2013-12-031-18/+11
* Merge "mgmt/glusterd: use runner apis to mount the snap device" into developmentRajesh Joseph2013-12-031-2/+17
| * mgmt/glusterd: use runner apis to mount the snap deviceRaghavendra Bhat2013-12-031-2/+17
* | glusterd/mgmtv3: Fetching snap mount path per brick.Avra Sengupta2013-12-033-144/+576
* mgmt/glusterd: create pid file for the snap bricks in proper pathRaghavendra Bhat2013-12-031-1/+1
* mgmt/glusterd: handle issues present in snapshot create and snap managementRaghavendra Bhat2013-12-027-293/+321
* Merge "snapshot: setting --setactivationskip as 'n' during lvcreate" into dev...Rajesh Joseph2013-12-021-2/+2
| * snapshot: setting --setactivationskip as 'n' during lvcreateAvra Sengupta2013-11-271-2/+2
* | Merge "mgmt/glusterd : snapshot list, minor fixes." into developmentRajesh Joseph2013-12-021-24/+75
|\ \
| * | mgmt/glusterd : snapshot list, minor fixes.Sachin Pandit2013-11-281-24/+75
| |/
* | mgmt/glusterd: create the pid file for the brick process of the snap volumeRaghavendra Bhat2013-11-292-2/+36
* mgmt/glusterd: do not use the root of the snaped device as the brick pathRaghavendra Bhat2013-11-221-4/+24
* Merge changes Icac9dce6,Ib225fbac into developmentShishir Gowda2013-11-217-30/+64
| * glusterd/snapshot: Added trace statements and handled snapshot create commit ...Avra Sengupta2013-11-207-30/+56
| * glusterd/mgmt: Adding synctasked flag to initiate multiple volume locks.Avra Sengupta2013-11-201-0/+8
* | protocol/server: Unbarrier in a thread.shishir gowda2013-11-182-4/+12
* Merge "storage/bd: check glusterd_is_valid_vg if HAVE_BD_XLATOR" into develop...shishir gowda2013-11-181-0/+3
| * storage/bd: check glusterd_is_valid_vg if HAVE_BD_XLATORshishir gowda2013-11-151-0/+3
* | protocol/server: init the barrier queueshishir gowda2013-11-152-3/+7
* snapshot: Merge conflict resolutionshishir gowda2013-11-152-18/+24
* mgmt/glusterd : Change in the ordering of snapshot list output.Sachin Pandit2013-11-151-5/+2
* mgmt/glusterd: store for snapshot descriptionshishir gowda2013-11-151-2/+35
* mgmt/glusterd : Printing error message if volume does not exist.Sachin Pandit2013-11-151-2/+29
* glusterd/Jarvis: Added aggr rsp dict in mgmt frameworkAvra Sengupta2013-11-156-8/+149
* Snapshot: fix for snapshot create crashRajesh Joseph2013-11-151-2/+2
* mgmt/glusterd: set the appropriate status of the snap after createRaghavendra Bhat2013-11-151-0/+3
* snapcount in volinfo was not getting updated. Fixed itSachin Pandit2013-11-151-1/+1
* mgmt/glusterd: do not assert if op_errstr is NULL in snapshot config opsRaghavendra Bhat2013-11-151-2/+0
* mgmt/glusterd: get the xlator object before accessing itRaghavendra Bhat2013-11-151-0/+2
* snapshot: Snapshot restoreRajesh Joseph2013-11-156-37/+752