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* Merge branch 'upstream'HEADmasterJeff Darcy2014-04-285-19/+25
| * build: MacOSX Porting fixesHarshavardhana2014-04-245-19/+25
* | Merge branch 'upstream'Jeff Darcy2014-03-241-1/+1
| * build: do not create versioned <xlator>.so filesNiels de Vos2014-03-211-1/+1
* | Add GF_FOP_IPC for inter-translator communication.Jeff Darcy2014-03-111-0/+1
* write-behind: track filesize when doing extending writesNiels de Vos2014-02-271-4/+161
* performance/io-threads: Remove code duplicationPranith Kumar K2014-02-241-1896/+78
* io-cache: Unlock and then goto out in failure case.Raghavendra Talur2014-02-171-0/+1
* performance/io-cache: Fix dereferencing of freed pointerPoornima2014-02-121-2/+6
* protocol/server: do not do root-squashing for trusted clientsRaghavendra Bhat2014-02-101-2/+21
* performance/io-cache: Fix for the bugs reported by coverityPoornima2014-02-101-0/+2
* performance/quick-read: Allocated memory not freed when not used.Christopher R. Hertel2014-02-081-2/+3
* quick-read: Remove unref of a freed iobuf.Poornima2014-02-071-1/+0
* Fix for 'use after free' errors reported by coverity.Poornima2014-02-052-2/+3
* performance/io-cache: reduce the severity of log-messageRaghavendra G2014-01-031-1/+1
* write-behind: handle iobref_merge() error gracefullyAnand Avati2013-11-261-2/+3
* io-cache: handle iobref_merge() error gracefullyAnand Avati2013-11-261-1/+4
* read-ahead: handle iobref_merge() error gracefullyAnand Avati2013-11-261-1/+6
* zerofill: Change the type of len argument of glfs_zerofill() to off_tBharata B Rao2013-11-145-6/+6
* libglusterfs/inode: introduce new APIs for ctx handlingAmar Tumballi2013-11-131-1/+1
* glusterfs: zerofill supportM. Mohan Kumar2013-11-105-0/+191
* gNFS: Incorrect NFS ACL encoding for XFSSantosh Kumar Pradhan2013-09-291-2/+3
* core: block unused signals in created threadsAnand Avati2013-09-251-1/+1
* performance/readdir-ahead: introduce directory read-ahead translatorBrian Foster2013-09-046-1/+649
* mount/fuse: perform lookup() on inodes linked through readdirplusAnand Avati2013-08-231-0/+7
* io-cache: fix unsafe typcasting of pointer to uint64Anand Avati2013-08-221-1/+3
* md-cache: invalidate attributes on xattr updateAnand Avati2013-08-191-0/+164
* performance/write-behind: invoke request queue processing ifRaghavendra G2013-08-141-19/+30
* md-cache: fix xattr caching code in getxattrAnand Avati2013-08-071-2/+2
* performance/open-behind: Fix fd-leaks in unlink, renamePranith Kumar K2013-08-031-0/+4
* performance/io-threads: fix potential use after free crashBrian Foster2013-08-011-1/+1
* write-behind: preserve error returned as-isAmar Tumballi2013-07-241-5/+1
* performance/io-cache: check for non-null gfid before calling inode_pathRaghavendra G2013-07-101-10/+13
* glusterfs: discard (hole punch) supportBrian Foster2013-06-135-0/+190
* gluster: add fallocate fop supportBrian Foster2013-06-133-1/+111
* performance/write-behind: Enable write-behind when strict_O_DIRECT is not set.Vijay Bellur2013-05-281-2/+1
* md-cache: support negative xattr entriesAnand Avati2013-05-251-10/+31
* xlator: NULL terminate volume_options structSantosh Kumar Pradhan2013-05-222-5/+7
* md-cache: Make options structure NULL terminated.Krishnan Parthasarathi2013-05-201-0/+1
* quick-read: prune cache on write/[f]truncateAnand Avati2013-05-201-0/+43
* mount/fuse: enable fuse real async dio when availableBrian Foster2013-05-151-0/+5
* performance/io-cache: check the inode context to be NULL before accessingRaghavendra Bhat2013-05-011-0/+7
* cluster/afr: Avoid self-healing extended attribute used by SELinux.Vijay Bellur2013-04-301-1/+1
* performance/io-cache: Avoid double mem_put in ioc_readvPranith Kumar K2013-04-261-2/+3
* performance/io-threads: Fix range-check for least-rate-limitPranith Kumar K2013-03-211-0/+1
* performance/write-behind: guarantee non-overlapping concurrent writesAnand Avati2013-02-201-1/+65
* read-ahead: re-enable support for variable page sizeAnand Avati2013-02-201-1/+12
* open-behind: propagate errors from ob_wake_cbkAnand Avati2013-02-201-9/+25
* call-stub: internal refactorAnand Avati2013-02-191-40/+40
* performance/open-behind: use anonymous fd for doing fstat and readvRaghavendra Bhat2013-02-191-2/+2