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* Delete 'deployment' dir as obsolete and not supportedValerii Ponomarov2019-12-2166-4968/+0
* Fix playbook for generation of config fileValerii Ponomarov2019-07-191-1/+1
* Add 'generate-tests-config.yaml' playbookValerii Ponomarov2019-05-241-0/+140
* [Deployment] Set proper Heketi dc and svc names in config file for testsValerii Ponomarov2019-05-202-14/+32
* [Deployment] Fix OCP3.6 and 3.7 installationValerii Ponomarov2019-04-0410-19/+189
* [Deployment] Add playbook for gathering logs from cluster nodesValerii Ponomarov2019-03-183-0/+890
* [Deployment] Add CRI-O supportValerii Ponomarov2019-03-189-25/+349
* [Deployment] Increase timeout for waiting rebooted nodes to come upValerii Ponomarov2019-03-141-1/+1
* [Deployment] Fix vmware resource pool and folder module utilsValerii Ponomarov2019-03-042-17/+30
* [Deployment] Fix CRS deployment for non-root usersValerii Ponomarov2019-02-221-1/+4
* [Deployment] Add 1min sleep after yum update operationValerii Ponomarov2019-02-181-0/+3
* Fix pep8 errors in the deployment py filesValerii Ponomarov2019-02-153-116/+150
* [Deployment] Remove 'ignore_errors' flag from required stepsValerii Ponomarov2019-02-141-1/+0
* Install correct heketi-client version on master nodesValerii Ponomarov2019-02-123-18/+67
* Add end-to-end OCP 'deployment' functionalityValerii Ponomarov2019-02-0764-0/+3325