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Reorder lib files removing redundant dir layer
Move all the files of 'cns-libs/cnslibs/common' dir to the 'openshift-storage-libs/openshiftstoragelibs', because 'common' is the only dir there, which doesn't really makes sense. And "cns" is old project name, so, replace it with "openshift-storage-libs". Also, fix all the imports of these libs. Change-Id: Ife00a73554e73b21b214b15016b0c8dbbf423446
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diff --git a/tests/functional/heketi/ b/tests/functional/heketi/
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--- a/tests/functional/heketi/
+++ b/tests/functional/heketi/
@@ -11,14 +11,20 @@ import yaml
from glusto.core import Glusto as g
-from cnslibs.common.baseclass import BaseClass
-from cnslibs.common.heketi_ops import (
- heketi_volume_list)
-from cnslibs.common.naming import (
- make_unique_label, extract_method_name)
-from cnslibs.common.openshift_ops import (
- oc_create, oc_delete, oc_get_pvc, oc_get_pv, oc_get_all_pvs)
-from cnslibs.common.waiter import Waiter
+from openshiftstoragelibs.baseclass import BaseClass
+from openshiftstoragelibs.heketi_ops import heketi_volume_list
+from openshiftstoragelibs.naming import (
+ make_unique_label,
+ extract_method_name,
+from openshiftstoragelibs.openshift_ops import (
+ oc_create,
+ oc_delete,
+ oc_get_all_pvs,
+ oc_get_pv,
+ oc_get_pvc,
+from openshiftstoragelibs.waiter import Waiter
def build_storage_class(name, resturl, restuser='foo', restuserkey='foo'):