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committerArun Kumar <>2019-07-01 12:40:25 +0530
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Add TC resize PVC with invalid size
This test case checks if invalid size is passed, size of PVC does not change. Verify the size of PVC and I/O can be performed on the volume attached to PVC. Change-Id: Ia833c76a6d9990ebbac78759c54dc7d28f530ec6
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diff --git a/openshift-storage-libs/openshiftstoragelibs/ b/openshift-storage-libs/openshiftstoragelibs/
index 6d29d4ab..51865106 100644
--- a/openshift-storage-libs/openshiftstoragelibs/
+++ b/openshift-storage-libs/openshiftstoragelibs/
@@ -1005,7 +1005,7 @@ def resize_pvc(hostname, pvc_name, size):
cmd = ("oc patch pvc %s "
"-p='{\"spec\": {\"resources\": {\"requests\": "
- "{\"storage\": \"%dGi\"}}}}'" % (pvc_name, size))
+ "{\"storage\": \"%sGi\"}}}}'" % (pvc_name, size))
out = command.cmd_run(cmd, hostname=hostname)"successfully edited storage capacity"
"of pvc %s . out- %s" % (pvc_name, out))