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authorNitin Goyal <>2019-09-13 15:26:28 +0530
committervponomar <>2019-10-17 10:53:40 +0000
commit22d5a75ea92b555beb6da357dc4f46908b17248e (patch)
parent654392bf300d5d915f5e4ea6145b441d86e4e579 (diff)
Add 'additional_gluster_servers' parameter tests in config file
Add new parameter 'additional_gluster_servers' in config file for node add and node remove TC's. Change-Id: I1472b09e0603179f81cbe145fad4343c8c2b6de5
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diff --git a/tests/glusterfs-containers-tests-config.yaml b/tests/glusterfs-containers-tests-config.yaml
index fde977fc..c99e9c14 100644
--- a/tests/glusterfs-containers-tests-config.yaml
+++ b/tests/glusterfs-containers-tests-config.yaml
@@ -29,6 +29,24 @@ gluster_servers:
manage: gluster_server2_hostname
storage: gluster_server2_ip
additional_devices: [device3, device4]
+ gluster_server3_ip:
+ manage: gluster_server3_hostname
+ storage: gluster_server3_ip
+ additional_devices: [device3, device4]
+# 'additional_gluster_servers' section covers the details of the nodes where
+# we can run gluster servers. In the case of CNS, these are the nodes where
+# gluster pods can be run. In the case of CRS, these are the nodes where
+# gluster servers can be configured.
+# Note: These nodes are not part of gluster pool. These can be added into
+# gluster pool. These can be used where we want to perform node add and remove
+# operations.
+ gluster_server4_ip:
+ manage: gluster_server4_hostname
+ storage: gluster_server4_ip
+ devices: [device1, device2]
storage_project_name: "<storage-project-name>"