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* glusterd/cli changes for distributed geo-repAvra Sengupta2013-07-261-0/+147
* glusterd: Add a cmd for getting uuid of local nodeKrishnan Parthasarathi2013-06-101-0/+51
* glusterd, cli: implement gluster system uuid reset commandRaghavendra Bhat2012-11-281-0/+65
* All: License message changeVarun Shastry2012-09-131-7/+6
* All: License message changeVarun Shastry2012-08-281-14/+5
* glusterd / cli: mount-broker serviceCsaba Henk2011-09-121-0/+118
* Change Copyright current yearPranith Kumar K2011-08-101-1/+1
* LICENSE: s/GNU Affero General Public/GNU General Public/Pranith Kumar K2011-08-061-3/+3
* cli: changes in struct cli_cmd to disable gluster command at run-timeKaushik BV2011-04-221-2/+2
* cli: implement "system:: getwd" commandCsaba Henk2011-04-191-0/+28
* cli: preliminary cleanup for system:: commandsCsaba Henk2011-04-191-15/+13
* glusterd: separate out cli specific programs and mgmt specific programsAmar Tumballi2011-03-011-3/+3
* cli: remove duplication of cmd helpPranith K2010-12-141-8/+2
* cli: remove special behavior for help commands without readlinePranith K2010-11-141-3/+0
* cli,mgmt/glusterd: fsm log implementationPranith K2010-10-291-0/+37
* cli: added system:: portmap brick2portCsaba Henk2010-09-161-0/+48
* cli: added system:: getspecCsaba Henk2010-09-161-0/+49
* cli: add system namespaceCsaba Henk2010-09-161-0/+80