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* Rebase to OpenStack Swift Havana (1.10.0)Peter Portante2013-10-282-385/+380
* moving functional tests to prepare for auth testsThiago da Silva2013-10-258-353/+0
* Sync functional tests with Swift v1.9.1Peter Portante2013-10-253-85/+103
* Added Object Versioning Functional TCPushpesh Sharma2013-10-012-0/+50
* Added functional test for object manifestPushpesh Sharma2013-10-011-0/+27
* Removed conf file sections which are not neededLuis Pabon2013-08-063-23/+0
* Change max file sizeLuis Pabon2013-08-061-3/+3
* Update logging on conf filesLuis Pabon2013-08-065-10/+14
* perf: Container and account performance incLuis Pabon2013-08-061-5/+4
* Updating copyrights with current yearChetan Risbud2013-07-242-2/+32
* Final forward port of PDQ performance patchesPeter Portante2013-07-105-16/+68
* Disable fallocate for Gluster volumesChetan Risbud2013-07-103-0/+6
* Automate functional testsLuis Pabon2013-07-038-0/+312
* OpenStack Swift Functional Tests for G4SLuis Pabon2013-06-282-1/+182
* Copy OpenStack Swift (Grizzly) Functional testsLuis Pabon2013-06-143-0/+2353