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@@ -1475,14 +1475,21 @@ class Swauth(object):
def credentials_match(self, user_detail, key):
Returns True if the key is valid for the user_detail.
- It will use self.auth_encoder to check for a key match.
+ It will use auth_encoder type the password was encoded with,
+ to check for a key match.
:param user_detail: The dict for the user.
:param key: The key to validate for the user.
:returns: True if the key is valid for the user, False if not.
- return user_detail and self.auth_encoder().match(
- key, user_detail.get('auth'))
+ if user_detail:
+ creds = user_detail.get('auth')
+ auth_type = creds.split(':')[0]
+ auth_encoder = getattr(authtypes, auth_type.title(), None)
+ if auth_encoder is None:
+ self.logger.error('Invalid auth_type %s' % auth_type)
+ return False
+ return user_detail and auth_encoder().match(key, creds)
def is_user_changing_own_key(self, req, user):