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Functional test setup steps for developers guide
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#### Functional Tests
-Fuctional tests are used to test a running Gluster for Swift environment.
+To run the functional tests the following requirements must be met.
+1) "/etc/swift" must not exist. So that test would not interfere with
+existing setup. Functional test would create "/etc/swift" and populate
+it with necessary configuration files.
+2) User need to have administrative access.
+2) "/mnt/gluster-object" directory must be created.
+3) Volumes named "test", "test2" should be created. (Gluster volume / XFS
+4) Volumes should be mounted under "/mnt/gluster-object/test" and
+"/mnt/gluster-object/test2" respectively.
+####To run functional tests:
### Commiting changes
After making the changes needed, you can commit your changes by typing: