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Functional tests for SwiftKerbAuth filter.
This provides an infrastructure for swiftkerbauth related functional test cases. More test cases will be added later. Added a section in swiftkerbauth guide about how to run functional tests. test/functional_auth/swiftkerbauth ---------------------------------- A new authentication filter related functional tests and configuration to reside here. The configuration would help setup the environment. All the generic functional tests should run fine with PASSIVE mode of swiftkerbatuh. Please refere to swiftkerbatuh documentation for ACTIVE/PASSIVE mode of working. swiftkerbauth/ ------------------------------------- This file has all the testcases of active mode of swiftkerbauth. More test cases to be added later. SwiftKerbAuth related test cases are meant to run on the setup where SwiftKerbAuth is setup and installed. Change-Id: Ibc2a3945f5c9b6714475fcec0ee9d153debb48e3 Signed-off-by: Chetan Risbud <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Luis Pabon <> Tested-by: Luis Pabon <>
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-* [Installing Kerberos module for Apache on IPA client] (#httpd-kerb-install)
-* [Creating HTTP Service Principal on IPA server] (#http-principal)
-* [Installing and configuring swiftkerbauth on IPA client] (#install-swiftkerbauth)
+* [Installing Kerberos module for Apache] (#httpd-kerb-install)
+* [Creating HTTP Service Principal] (#http-principal)
+* [Installing and configuring swiftkerbauth] (#install-swiftkerbauth)
* [Using swiftkerbauth] (#use-swiftkerbauth)
* [Configurable Parameters] (#config-swiftkerbauth)
+* [Functional tests] (#swfunctest)
<a name="httpd-kerb-install" />
## Installing Kerberos module for Apache on IPA client
@@ -487,5 +488,30 @@ Default value: passive
#### realm_name
This is applicable only when the auth_method=passive. This option specifies
-realm name if RHS server belongs to more than one realm and realm name is not
+realm name if storage server belongs to more than one realm and realm name is not
part of the username specified in X-Auth-User header.
+<a name="swfunctest" />
+##Functional tests for SwiftkerbAuth
+Functional tests to be run on the storage node after SwiftKerbAuth is setup using
+either IPA server or Windows AD. The gluster-swift/doc/markdown/swiftkerbauth
+directory contains the SwiftkerbAuth setup documents. There are two modes of
+working with SwiftKerbAuth. 'PASSIVE' mode indicates the client is outside the
+domain configured using SwiftKerbAuth. Client provides the 'Username' and
+'Password' while invoking a command. SwiftKerbAuth auth filter code then
+would get the ticket granting ticket from AD server or IPA server.
+In 'ACTIVE' mode of SwiftKerbAuth, User is already logged into storage node using
+its kerberos credentials. That user is authenticated across AD/IPA server.
+In PASSIVE mode all the generic functional tests are run. ACTIVE mode has a
+different way of acquiring Ticket Granting Ticket. And hence the different
+framework of functional tests there.
+The accounts, users, passwords must be prepared on AD/IPA server as per
+mentioned in test/functional_auth/swiftkerbauth/conf/test.conf
+Command to invoke SwiftKerbAuth functional tests is
+> $tox -e swfunctest
+This would run both ACTIVE and PASSIVE mode functional test cases.