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* autoconfig:mock pynag in auto config test caseRamesh Nachimuthu2014-05-291-3/+1
* autoconfig: refactoring and adding test casesRamesh Nachimuthu2014-05-281-0/+93
* nagios-server-addons: NRPE command with timeoutShubhendu Tripathi2014-05-201-4/+6
* autoconf: don't remove disconnected hosts from nagiosRamesh Nachimuthu2014-05-121-2/+5
* autoconf: handle exceptions in nrpe commandsRamesh Nachimuthu2014-05-041-3/+3
* autoconf: discover volume list and info separatelyRamesh Nachimuthu2014-05-021-11/+30
* autoconf: use host uuid to indentity bricksRamesh Nachimuthu2014-04-291-5/+4
* autoconf: use host name for host configRamesh Nachimuthu2014-04-291-0/+82