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+# 'clients' is list of Hostnames/IP's of clients in the cluster.
+clients: [client_hostname1, client_hostname2]
+# 'servers' is list of Hostnames/IP's of servers in the cluster.
+# Each item in list is a dict with 'Hostname/IP' of the server as key.
+# The info should contain the devices to use
+# for creating bricks, brick_root i.e dirname of brick mount point.
+ - server_hostname1:
+ devices: ["/dev/vdb", "/dev/vdc", "/dev/vdd", "/dev/vde", "/dev/vdf"]
+ brick_root: "/bricks"
+ - server_hostname2:
+ devices: ["/dev/vdb", "/dev/vdc", "/dev/vdd", "/dev/vde", "/dev/vdf"]
+ brick_root: "/bricks"
+logfile: "/var/log/glusto_tests.log"
+# Mount protocol to use in the current run
+mount_type: ["glusterfs"]